Raychyl`s Answer to Latest Liberal Party E-Mail Fundraiser

Raychyl`s Answer to Latest Liberal Party E-Mail Fundraiser
….’Wonder if the Libtards will get me arrested for this. LOL.
On Saturday, October 22, 2016 2:44 PM, Raychyl Whyte <raychyl_whyte@yahoo.com> wrote:

“One year of real change”…. FOR THE WORSE.
Immediately discontinue sending me your unsolicited, audacious, sickening requests for donations.
I never voted for your government.
Your government’s inane policies are destroying hard-working, law-abiding, working poor, born & raised Canadians of European ancestry- such as myself.
You have been rolling out the red carpet to backward, extremely anti-West people who hate women, hate Caucasians, hate traditional Western/Christian values, who want to butcher the genitals of all females and behead anyone who does not practice their religion or ‘dare’ criticize their barbaric religion. You are dolling out billions of tax dollars from hard-working, struggling Canadians who never even were granted a referendum as to whether the majority approved of forking out so many billions of OUR funds to those human leeches. You evidently couldn’t care less about unemployed Canadians, veterans, or the working poor.
And those- such as myself- who speak out against the destructive insanity your government has demonstrated so far are accused of “hate speech” and “racism”. There have even been numerous free speech advocates in Canada who have been sued and/or arrested for daring to speak out.
As a woman who has been working since the age of 12 and has survived ongoing abuse + deliberate poverty from my next-of-kin, there has been zero assistance or compensation for my plight. I toil away day in, day out year after year and dead-end jobs where I am poorly treated, work like a dog, yet am only paid minimum wage. I was never able to afford post-secondary education. I am also a survivor of vaccine damage, and continue to suffer frequently from the effects of highly toxic vaccines that I was conned into receiving up until 10 years ago when I finally learned the truth about them, which prompted me to immediately decline any further vaccinations. Otherwise, I guarantee you that I would be dead by now. Although will invariably be sent to an early grave due to vaccine damage. I also cannot afford to take any sick days off work, so I haul myself to work regardless of how exhausted or ill I am.
Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne (Ontario is my province of birth and residence) is perhaps even more demented (than the current Prime Minister) with her bizarre, destructive policies which directly harm people such as myself. But apparently those of us who resent her deranged forthcoming severe taxation on basic survival items are classified as “homophobic”.

You are intentionally destroying my country, people of my ethnicity & culture, and my province.  
This is insidious Stalinist Communism all over again, just with different names: “Liberals” and “Globalists”.
Trudeau Jr.  and Wynne can take their destructive Libtard insanities and go to hell, although I wouldn’t like to be in their company. i.e.- I’m already in hell, thanks to circumstances evidently beyond ‘my’ control.
So are you going to have me arrested etc. because I candidly spoke out against your demented government??
A very hard-working, born & raised, law-abiding Caucasian Canadian who YOU are gradually killing.

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 6:06 PM, Liberal Party of Canada <info@email.liberal.ca> wrote: