Delta School District has NO RESPECT for Free Speech in Canada

Delta School District has NO RESPECT for Free Speech in Canada
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Published on Sep 16, 2016

To keep up with unfolding events in this free speech battle with the Delta School District in British Columbia, please go to this section of Brian Ruhe’s website: . There you can read the long, detailed story going back over two years where Brian was dismissed from eight teaching positions and two meditation retreat centres.

Paul Fromm is the Director of the Canadian Association for the Freedom of Expression at . Here Paul interviews Brian Ruhe after he was fired from teaching Mindfulness Meditation in Continuing Ed. at the Delta School Board in Ladner, BC where he has taught since 2001.

This is a FAIR USE of the Delta School District logo “Inspired Learning”. The Delta School District didn’t like Brian’s YouTube vidoes which he made on his own time and his own dime, out of class. It is disturbing that the Delta School District admits that there was no problems within Brian’s courses, no complaints from students, and they admit that he never discussed his views on history and politics in his classes. Therefore, the Delta School Board is attacking free speech in Canada, while upholding all kinds of great values.

If you would like to express your view on this to the Delta School Board, please contact Joe Strain as he indicates that he will not answer me. He wrote to me on Sept. 7th stating:

Good morning Mr. Ruhe.

Your various emails to Board of Education members regarding the cancellation of your meditation sessions have been referred to me for response. The Board of Education is aware of the circumstances involved and supports the decision made. The Board of Education treats personnel related matters confidentially. Given your decision to publicize previous communications in this regard on the internet, further correspondence from you to the District will only be responded to as required by law.

Secretary Treasurer
Delta School District
Tel. 604-952-5359

Brian Ruhe is a Buddhist truth activist and occasional troublemaker. He was fired in Sept. 2016 from teaching at the Delta School Board because of these videos. Please donate to support these videos at the website and click on the PayPal Donate button.

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