National Post Confirms Paul Fromm Targetted for Harassment by the Feds

National Post Confirms Paul Fromm Targetted for Harassment by the Feds

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The National Post (February 10, 2016) ran an article by Douglas Quan entitled Right-wing extremist groups ‘prevalent’ across Canada, study warns”. the article by-the-by confirms my impression that my two and a half hour ordeal with Canada Customs (February 2) was deliberate targetting and harassment for my non-violent political views. A man who identified himself as an “intelligence supervisor” and who questioned me asked: “Do you have an enemy who does not like you” , as much as admitting that the scrap of paper by scrap of paper search of my possessions was directed from the top.

Scribbler Quan who actually interviewed me last June, did not bother to call or e-mail me to get details. Not surprisingly, his reference to me is erroneous in several details. He suggests that I choose not to be part of any group. On the contrary, I am the Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, the Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression, the International Director for the Council of Conservative Citizens and the International Advisor to the American Freedom Party, as well as the Canadian contributor to The Barnes Review.

Quan’s article “Right-wing extremist groups ‘prevalent’ across Canada, study warns”

says, in part:

… “Some extremists choose not to be part of any group, preferring instead to provide “ideological fodder on which others may feed.” One of Canada’s most notorious white nationalists, Paul Fromm, has spoken to various groups, including the U.S.-based Council of Conservative Citizens.

Dylann Roof, the young man accused of gunning down nine black worshippers in Charleston, S.C., last year credited the council for drawing attention to “black on white crime.” The council said it did not condone violence and Fromm said the murders were “absolutely wrong.”

Still, authorities appear to be closely watching Fromm. In a recent YouTube rant, he described how, on a return trip from London, he was detained by border authorities at Toronto’s airport for more than two hours so they could search him for’hate propaganda.'”