Twitter Reports “Diversity = White Genocide” Banner Removed By Cops in Mississauga

Twitter Reports “Diversity = White Genocide” Banner Removed By Cops in Mississauga
The following story appears on Twitter. It seems that on the morning of September 10 the Peel Regional Police removed a banner suspended from an overpass over the Queen Elizabeth Way that read “Diversity = White Genocide” on suspicion of “hate”. So, now protesting the genocide of our own people is seen by the thought police as “hate”.
The constipated reaction of some Tweeters show that some Canadians have little appreciation of free speech. Someone with the handle Sabocat reported: ” Banner saying – “diversity” = white genocide -hanging over QEW this morning Police on the scene removing. …  I was driving so I couldn’t take photos. Called OPP they said Peel was already on it.” So, this cankered soul actually called the cops about a banner.” And, he continued, “There was a Union Jack flying beside the banner. I don’t know but OPP dispatch said it was being treated as a hate crime. So its being taken seriously.”
Frederick Fromm's photo.
Another Tweeter, one equally ignorant of the importance of free speech, a Norman Wilson piled in: “And they’re right too. Glad to hear.”
Later, others who do get free speech got in on the conversation,. Red Pill Rabbit noted sarcastically: “Its good we have thought police, to prevent crime think. I love Big Brother.”
Another calling himself the Right Voice added: “White genocide should be considered a hate crime!”
And J.P. Alan noted: “Why did they take it down? Are they anti-white?”
Good point.