Absurd: Judge Won’t Consider Charter Objection Until AFTER Topham “Hate Speech” Trial

Absurd: Judge Won’t Consider Charter Objection Until AFTER Topham “Hate Speech” Trial

 “Hate speech” trials are an abuse BY process. The judge’s decision is absurd. He’s saying, “put Topham through the expense and trauma of a trial and then will decide whether the whole proceeding is constitutional.” It is Alice in Wonderland persecution of dissent. 
If one doesn’t like Topham’s views go to another webpage. Actually, the persecution of Arthur Topham, first under the now repealed and notorious Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act and now under the “hate law” tends to validate Topham’s point that these are minority instigated prosecutions to shelter certain privileged groups, in this case, Zionists, from critique or criticism.
It has nothing to do with “hate”. You are completely free to mock, hate and vilify White Europeans and Christians. None other than the Chief Supremo Beverley McLaughlin defames Euro-Canadians in saying our effort to educate natives through the residential school system was “cultural genocide.” 
However,accuse Israel of genocide against Palestinians and you end up in court like Arthur Topham.
Paul Fromm

Judge in hate speech trial won’t hear free speech charter argument before trial

By Glynn Brothen

(GLYNN BROTHEN /InfoTel Multimedia)
July 13, 2015 – 9:00 PM

QUESNEL – The hate-speech versus free-speech debate continues in a Quesnel courtroom after a judge decided to wait until the end of trial to hear constitutional arguments from the accused charged with promoting hatred.

Roy Arthur Topham, born 1947, is charged with promoting hatred against those of the Jewish religion or ethnic group on his website called the Radical Press. On the site, Topham writes anti-zionist content, has links to Hitler’s Mein Kampf and provides regular blog entries on his court case.

Last week in Quesnel Supreme Court, Justice Bruce Butler dismissed Topham’s application to have his constitutional argument of freedom of expression heard before trial.

“This can only be done at the conclusion of the trial. It would be unwise to embark on a consideration of the issues at this stage of the proceedings,” the justice said in his reasons for judgment. 

Topham was charged in 2012. He elected to be tried before judge and jury.

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