“I’m on my way to fight for our rights,”Maxime Bernier Heads to Court in Saskatoon

I’m at the Montreal airport, on my way to Saskatoon.

I’ll be in court tomorrow with a group of Saskatchewan residents.

What’s our crime?

There were more than 10 of us gathered in a park in May of last year to protest authoritarian covid measures.

So the police gave each of us $2800 tickets.

And this, even though section 2(d) of the Charter guarantees our freedom of association!

Frederick, I didn’t wait until the Freedom Convoy to suddenly decide that we must protect our fundamental rights and freedoms.

For two years, I was touring the country, getting arrested and being given tickets for holding supposedly illegal rallies.

That’s just one of many court cases I have to deal with in different provinces.

It takes resources to fight for the rights of all Canadians and I can’t do it alone.

We all need to do our part.

Can you help?

Please visit SupportMaxime.ca and help me win this fight with a $10 donation today!

Thank you so much,

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