Halton County Freedom Protest Alert

Halton County Freedom Protest Alert

Michael Bator <michael@michaelbator.com>1:22 AM (2 hours ago)
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They are coming After the Little Ones

Action Required – Attend Protest

Bring signs and or support

They are up to no good again but this time they are coming for our youngest, who have zero chance of dying from covid. At the last Find Your Tribe event we discussed unifying our tribes and supporting like minded groups and the brothers and sisters around us. I am hoping you can make it to protest the jabbing of our children with the experimental gene therapy jab in support of our brothers and sisters in Oakville. They are setting up clinics for kids and we want to be heard. Let us spread the truth! Let us unite and be heard!

Michael Bator

Candidate of Record

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The People’s Party of Canada