Hugs Are Dangerous — Guerilla Freedom Rally in Vancouver

Hugs are dangerous” signs puzzle onlookers during silent freedom march in Vancouver


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,There was a strange sight on the streets of Vancouver last Sunday. Dozens of silent masked protesters slowly wandered through downtown with signs proclaiming that “hugs are dangerous,” “politicians never lie,” “this is all for your protection,” and “wear your mask.”

Alexander (Sasha) Lasarev and Nikolai Thompson were the visionaries behind this unique freedom rally, inspired by John Carpenter’s 1998 cult classic, They Live.Seeing the public’s resistance to the contrarian approach of past lockdown protests sparked the idea to have protesters carry signs confirming commonly espoused beliefs about the pandemic lockdowns.

The eerie display drew the attention of confused pedestrians and may have short-circuited some brain cells along the way, as some people instinctively tried to disagree with what they were seeing.Here, take a look

:It’s nice to occasionally shake things up, and it looks like this protest did just that.Do you think this approach to protesting the coronavirus restrictions is effective?Let me know by leaving a comment on this video, and don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media.

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