Update o n the Freedom Tabloid Druthers

  Hello freedom lovers!! This is Shawn Jason from Druthers. I’d like to share a few things with you all pertaining to this crazy, awesome project called Druthers. =========== 1. 200,000 Copies on March 2nd
2. Help Distribute in Your Neighbourhood
3. Subscribe for Home Delivery
4. Fundraiser Update
5. Gratitude
6. Ways to Help ===========

1.) 200,000 Copies on March 2nd We did it, again!! Well, almost, but I am confident we will reach the goal before the end of the month so we are placing the order for 200,000 copies of the March issue of Druthers this week.

The print run has doubled each month since this project began in December with 25,000 copies. I think we can confidently say we all have made Druthers into Canada’s fastest growing newspaper! Wowee 🙂

We have another great issue coming and I am excited for you to see it. I hope you love it too.

—– 2.) Help Distribute in Your Neighbourhood There are a whole lot of copies of Druthers coming and your help with distributing them will be much appreciated! Wherever you are across Canada, please hit reply and let me know if you would like some bundles to pass out freely in your community too. Let’s wake up the neighbours 😉 HIT REPLY and tell us your city, province & how many bundles of papers you would like to distribute. We’ll put you in touch with the nearest distribution hub in your area.

—– 3.) Subscribe for Home Delivery You can now subscribe for home delivery anywhere in the world. Ensure you get your Druthers each month while also supporting the growth of this project. See the options and sign up here: www.druthers.net/subscribe

—– 4.) Fundraiser Update Together, for the 4th month in a row, you made it happen. The fundraiser is about to reach its goal and 200,000 copies will be printed and freely distributed all across Canada. It is incredible to see this paper growing so fast!

www.druthers.net/donate At just 10 cents per copy, donations are effectively invested into bringing real, honest news and information to more Canadians. No salaries or overhead is ever taken from donations. 100% of it goes to printing and distribution. If we exceed this month’s funding goal, overages will be rolled over into next month’s fundraiser, with which we will be aiming for an even bigger, 300,000 copies!!! So please keep it coming.

—– 5.) Gratitude I just want to say, I knew this paper would be well received, but I had no idea just how much and how quickly it would be embraced, loved and supported by so many of our family of freedom lovers all across Canada.

Druthers is taking on a life of its own in cities across Canada. People are coming togther and working together to bring truthful information to the people of their communities. And what a beautiful thing it is.

As I see it, nothing matters more at this time than to plant seeds of thought that will hopefully encourage people to question things more deeply. To stop blindly believing what is being fed to us on the tv, and to start looking more closely at the world around us. For one thing is certain… almost nothing presented to us in this world is as it appears.

—– 6.) Ways to Help Would you like to help Druthers grow bigger and deeper reaching more quickly? Do you have time, skills, abilities or other resources you can bring to the table? I’d really love to hear from you. Let me know how you see helping things along.

What is of particular interest right now:

a.) Website developers / designers. We could really use some pro help with rebuilding the website and getting it better set up for more digital content, which is coming soon.

b.) Content creators: videographers, photographers, reporters, writers, video editors, etc. If you make content and would like to lend some of your skills toward growing Druthers, let’s talk.

c.) Social media team. Use your voice and your reach to bring more awareness to Druthers. Talk about Druthers and share links from Druthers everywhere you can. Below you will find our main social profiles. Connect with them and share the posts you find there.

YT: http://youtube.com/druthers
IG: http://instagram.com/druthers
FB: http://facebook.com/druthers.net
http://t.me/druthers (telegram)
Community group: http://facebook.com/groups/mydruthers —– You can also follow my personal profile on facebook. I live stream the lockdown protests from Toronto every Saturday starting around noon. Come follow: http://facebook.com/shawnjason

Big thanks & lots of love,
Shawn Jason & the Druthers Team