Anti-Free Speech Leftists Try to Shut Down GoFundMe for Adam Skelly 70

Anti-Free Speech Leftists Try to Shut Down GoFundMe for Adam Skelly

Stop The GoFundMe for Adamson BBQ

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If you have been following the news you have most likely heard of this self-righteous bro who owns a bbq joint in Etobicoke that is going against the provincial government’s mandates to protect the people. Whether you agree with these mandates or not, he is putting the lives of others at risk and selfishly breaking the law in order to gain fame and attention. This has led to him being arrested and charged, as well as tax payers money being wasted in the fight against his nonsense.

Now a third party (who does not know this man) has gotten involved and set up a GoFundMe to raise money for him so that he can fight the charges against him – which is nearing a quarter of a million dollars!

This is not right and I am asking GoFundMe to reevaluate what it’s platform should and should not be used for and to remove this so called “fundraiser” immediately. It’s setting a bad precedent for others, and giving money to a “rich kid” instead of to people and small businesses who actually need it.

He has made decisions in which he knew there would be consequences – and he should pay for them himself!

It is important to also note that this guy is not the “small business working-class hero” that he is trying to portray himself as. He is a white privileged anti-masker conspiracy theorist who comes from money and is known in Toronto for being an “attention seeker”. Earlier this year he was called out by the media after he had a public meltdown on Twitter over the Covid-19 pandemic and repeatedly referred to others as the R word.

Please help by signing this petition to let GoFundMe know that you are not ok with this behaviour and that their platform should suspend this fundraiser immediately.Start a petition of your ownThis petition starter stood up and took action. Will you do the same?Start a petition


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