Don’t Become the New Indians, Immigration Reformer Tells Ohio Audience

Don’t Become the New Indians, Immigration Reformer Tells Ohio Audience
YELLOW SPRINGS/DAYTON, OH, October 24, 2013.Paul Fromm, Director of the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee, called for the deportation of all illegals and a minimum five year moratorium on all immigration until America’s scandalously high unemployment rate comes down at a meeting here tonight.
Addressing the monthly meeting of the Wisdom Quest Group, a fellowship of eclectic free thinkers, Mr. Fromm said that North America’s European founding/settler people are being replaced by government immigration policy. Given the present rate of Third World flood into the U.S., America’s founding/settler people will become a minority by 2041, he warned..
Most of the immigration debate in the U.S. focuses on “illegals.” “Why should there be any debate?” Mr. Fromm demanded. “They are illegals, law breakers. They should  be deported. Do we debate whether robbers should be detained and imprisoned? The press misleads us when they refer to them as ‘undocumented migrants.’ They haven’t forgotten their papers on the dresser. They are illegals. They are not ‘migrants’, they are invaders.|”
As for immigration itself, as long as there is a significant number of unemployed Americans, any immigration is hugely costly and a slap in the face to the unemployed, Mr. Fromm explained. “Pedro come to America, There are only two possibilities. One, Pedro gets a job. Hooray for Pedro, But that means some American loses his job or remains unemployed. His life is blighted, his potential ignore., He may lose his house maybe his family. America loses. The second possibility is that Pedro does not get a job, Sad for Pedro, but America must give him welfare, housing e=because he’s poor, medicare, food stamps and, of course, education, medication, policing and social work for his five kids. Again, America loses.
Wisdom Quest Group co-ordinator Bruce M. Forrester, Jr. introduced Mr. Fromm saying,” How did that unrestricted immigration turn out for the Native Americans? Answer: Ugh!”
The Wisdom Quest Group hosts an eclectic variety of speakers, including radionics builder Ed Kelly and financial and investment counselor Linda Sue Hoffman.

Bruce L. Forrester, Jr.

Mr. Fromm concluded his talk by reminding his American audience that Canadians are not just Americans who like the cold and talk funny, saying “eh” a lot. “Yes, we share many things in comment, but Canada is a soft tyranny. Free speech is at a premium. We have no First Amendments and the courts have been happy to approve of restrictions on political and religious speech, if remarks offend privileged minorities.
Dwight L Dowson of Maxwell World Wide Historical Films with speaker Paul Fromm
He gave the example of political prisoner Brad Love, who is back in jail for breach of probation. His 10-year ordeal and frequent trips to prison are all the” result of his writing non-threatening opinionated letters to politicians, police chiefs, the media and thin-skinned Jewish groups. He’s in jail solely for the non-violent expression of his political beliefs,” Mr. Fromm told his audience, many of whom shook their heads in shock.
A lively question and answer period followed.