British Anti-WHO Campaigner & Christian Activist Caroline Targetted & Terrorized by LGBTQ Activists

British Anti-WHO Campaigner & Christian Activist Caroline Targetted & Terrorized by LGBTQ Activists

Let me tell you about my friend Caroline.

Caroline is CitizenGO’s Campaigns Director in the United Kingdom.

She is one of the bravest and fiercest defenders of Christian family values and the sanctity of human life I know.

On top of fighting tirelessly for our shared beliefs, she is a devoted wife and mother of five children.

Our longtime supporters will remember CitizenGO reaching out to you on her behalf when radical LGBT activists were dragging her through expensive and invasive legal battles.

Thanks to a strong response from our friends like you, CitizenGO was able to help Caroline defeat their baseless attack.

But now I have some heartbreaking news.

The gender lobby and LGBT radicals and their cronies have renewed their assault on Caroline in the courts — trying to bankrupt her through a series of false allegations.

And to make matters worse, they are targeting her family — even her little children — online.

With the trial fast approaching, your support for Caroline is as important as ever.

Will you help CitizenGO defend Caroline AND continue our worldwide campaigns in defense of family, life and freedom with your generous contribution today?
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I want to talk to you about the harassment Caroline has been subjected to by LGBT radicals.

Besides inflicting tremendous emotional and financial distress on Caroline and her family, our enemies have a broader goal for their vile behavior — to shut up or shut down CitizenGO.

They want to halt the effective activism which every CitizenGO campaigner and supporter engages in across the globe. The LGBT radicals own statements admit CitizenGO is that target in addition to Caroline.

That is why it’s critical I have the financial resources to protect Caroline and go on the offensive against the lies and distortions of the LGBT radicals.

You see, they want to silence you and me.

And they want to send a message to discourage anyone who would join us in the fight to save babies from abortion, to save our children from being scandalized by the LGBT agenda, and to defend religious liberty and family values.

First, Caroline’s husband’s computer was hacked. Then her children started being cyber-bullied; one radical even threatened to throw acid on a child.

Even her parents have been doxxed –- meaning their personal information like address and employer was posted to the internet.

Caroline’s entire family has been harassed with prank phone calls, targeted with exposure to disgusting explicit materials, and stalked on social media.

Now on top of it all, Caroline is once again being hauled to court for yet another false lawsuit by the same radical transgender activist who previously tried to have her thrown in jail!

Caroline is facing these attacks because of her crucial role in CitizenGO’s effective activism in the UK and across the globe.

So I can’t sit idly by while she and her family are faced with this wicked persecution.

That’s why, as CitizenGO’s Executive Director, I am working with my team to defend Caroline and put a stop to this harassment.

Right now, my team and I are gathering resources and mobilizing to:

  • Cover the mounting court costs for Caroline’s legal defense;
  • Pressure the local police to do their job to investigate and end the LGBT activists’ targeting of Caroline and her family;
  • Rally our supporters on social media to fight back against the online harassment;
  • Hire our own investigator to find those who are behind these attacks.
  • Double our commitment to make CitizenGO stronger, to tackle these disgusting attacks by the LGBT and gender lobbies and the plan to shut us up or shut us down.

So will you chip in today to keep our global, national, and local campaigns strong as we also fight to defend Caroline and her family?
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Thanks to our brave activists like Caroline, CitizenGO represents a very real threat to the agenda of the radical gender and LGBT activists and their cronies.

Caroline first drew the ire of the far Left radicals by spearheading CitizenGO’s efforts to save the life of young Alfie Evans.

When CitizenGO gathered hundreds of thousands of worldwide petitions demanding entertainment giant Disney end their radical gender ideology indoctrination of children, Caroline was barred from entry into the U.S. by bureaucrats who were doing the bidding of the LGBT agenda.

More recently, Caroline has led our efforts in the UK as part of CitizenGO’s worldwide campaign to end the United Nations’ global funding of abortion through their World Health Organization.

I can think of few people more worthy of admiration from people who share our values than Caroline.

I know Caroline would hate to see any of our essential campaigns weakened due to our efforts to help her.

The message our enemies want to send all CitizenGO members is “if you take a stand against our radical agenda, you will be punished with the full force of our allies in the government and the media.”

The LGBT radicals and their cronies don’t want more people like Caroline joining CitizenGO and standing up for the values you and I share.

But with your financial support on behalf of our friend Caroline, CitizenGO can send a strong message of our own.

A message that says we are not backing down.

That we won’t be intimidated.

That we will defend our own AND keep fighting for our values.

Please stand with me, with CitizenGO and Caroline today.