Why Won’t Premier Ford Answer Question: Are COVID Internment Camps Being Built?

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Why Won’t Premier Ford Answer Question: Are COVID Internment Camps Being Built?
Are secret quarantine facilities going to be built in Canada?  It sounds like something out of some dystopian movie, but sometimes the truth can be stranger (and scarier) than fiction. 

MPP Randy Hillier raised this issue in the Ontario legislature this week in response to an expression of interest request put out by the federal government for contractors to “supply, provide, and manage quarantine isolation camps throughout every province and territory in Canada.”  Randy wanted to find out if the Ontario government was in negotiations to build these facilities, where these camps would be built, how many people would be detained, and for what reason. 

His first question was met with giggles; his second question with deafening silence. Here, have a look. One of the hallmarks of a democracy is transparency, and in the case of these internment camps, we’re getting none whatsoever. 


Are our representatives even aware of this? Who are they working for anyway?   In the case of Ontario Premier Doug Ford, didn’t he campaign on a promise to work “for the people”? Or are these internment camps “for the people”?

Yours truly,  David Menzies 

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