POWER GRAB: How did ‘two weeks to flatten the curve’ turn into a two-year lockdown?

    Remember when we were told that it would take two weeks to “flatten the curve”?  Stay home, isolate from your friends and family, close your business, delay your doctor visits and surgeries, stop attending funerals. Save lives!  We were told that if we did that, we would slow down the rate of people getting sick, so the hospitals wouldn’t be overwhelmed.

It’s been more than four months now.

The curve has been flattened – in fact, most hospital wards have been empty the whole time.  So how did “flattening the curve” turn into unlimited rule by unelected health officials? The same health officials that jet-set around the country while telling you that you can’t leave your house.  Click here to watch what I have to say about that. 

This virus has been no worse than the annual flu season in terms of the death toll. It’s done now.   But that’s not enough. Now we’re being told to wear masks everywhere we go and to continue distancing ourselves until a rushed, made in China vaccine, is developedand that this could take another 2-3 years.  This is politics, not medicine. 

They love their power over you, and they won’t let go. And other than Rebel News, who is telling the other side of the story? Yours truly,  Ezra Levant 

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