“The right to freedom of expression is an indispensable Canadian right. ” — Conservative Leadership Candidate Derek Sloan

The right to freedom of expression is an indispensable Canadian right. It is foundational to our democracy, and defending that right is a basic conservative principle from which I will never retreat.

Unfortunately, in our political and popular culture these days, it is the left that writes the script of what you can believe, what you can express, and what you’re allowed to share.

There’s an ever-narrowing window of what’s acceptable to say, both in public and on social media.

Want a real border? You’re a racist!

Think balancing the budget is good? Why do you hate the poor?

The left throws around the word “diversity” a lot, but actual diversity of thought terrifies them. They’d rather ban ideas than engage in discussion about them, because they’re short on actual arguments.

Today, principled conservative ideas, ways of thinking that have informed the ascent of Western culture and civilization, are defined by the left as hate speech.

I’m concerned by online censorship and algorithmic bias used by tech giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube to silence conservative voices. I will introduce legislation to make it illegal for these online platforms to ban a user unless that user has been documented breaking Canadian law.

Political correctness is a suffocating scourge; it is not the law.

To allow platforms to ban Canadians for political incorrectness is to allow only some political speech in the public square. It will be as fatal to our democracy to allow technology platforms to take this position as it would be to allow governments to do so.

We must guard against this kind of thinking and remember that earlier this year Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault spoke favourably of government regulation of news and other content on the internet.

I will also introduce legislation that specifically criminalizes “doxing”, the deliberate posting of contact information, including home addresses, of someone with the intent of inviting harassment and physical harm. This is a vile tactic often used to intimidate people who state opinions on social media deemed “unacceptable” by the radical left.

I am the only CPC leadership candidate dedicated to defending the foundational Canadian right of free expression in this way.

I have also committed to repeal Bill C-16 immediately and will fight against all attempts to impose “compelled speech” in Canadian life. I will make federal grants to universities conditional upon proof that all recipients respect free speech and free inquiry on campus.

If you value the right to free speech, feel free to make me, Derek Sloan, the #1 Choice on your CPC leadership ballot.


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Derek SloanMember of Parliament