FACE MASK EXEMPTION DECLARATION — Information from Dr. James Sears, Political Prisoner & Editor of YOUR WARD NEWS

The “pandemic” is an elaborate Globalist HOAX to force toxic vaccines, microchips and data tracking on naïve people; and kill the US economy to stop Trump’s reelection. Doug Ford drank the Kool-Aid, ordering a 2 WEEK lockdown to “flatten the curve”. Hospitals cancelled surgeries to prepare for an avalanche of ventilator patients that never materialized. They sat empty while REAL patients died of cancers and other medical conditions. Bored nurses uploaded videos of themselves dancing around empty beds. Low IQ Ford kept us locked down, declared hospital workers “heroes” and bribed them $4/hour to buy their silence. Virtue-signaling retailers even let these frauds jump in line ahead of us! MP’s, MPP’s, city councilors, teachers & other public service parasites keep their 6-figure salaries as they work part-time from home. Why didn’t they cut their pay? It is the same worldwide. Kids died in cancer wards as their helpless, distraught parents were forced to watch them take their last breath by video, denied visits due to the scamdemic. Are you angry? NO? Then what the fuck is it going to take?

“Covid” swabs test for an RNA strand that may or may not indicate a virus, with many false positives. Also, NO ONE “died of Covid”. Even the Ontario govt.’s own website admits it: “Deaths are included whether or not COVID-19 was determined to be a contributing or underlying cause of death”. So if you are “Covid positive” and die in a car crash, you count as a “Covid death”! More people will die of the lockdown and fear of going outside than of a mild virus, by job loss poverty, anxiety, depression, social isolation, suicide, drug overdose, marital strife, delayed medical care, etc. Visit Plandemic2.com to learn how 27,000 scientists & doctors back the film “Plandemic Movie”. Watch it at Bitchute.com.

Studies show masks and “social distancing” are USELESS. Masks destroy your immune system (only infected people should wear them). Hand sanitizers cause cancer. Sweden had no lockdown and is faring better than us because they did not suicide their economy. Why is John Tory FORCING masks? If unlike me, you lack the balls to JUST SAY NO to Soviet propaganda, I’ll make it easy for you: just cut along the dashed line and hand this declaration to any Marxist lackey trying to make you wear a mask.

My name is Dr. James Sears. Learn about me at www.NCparty.ca.



I am legally exempt from the Medical Officer of Health’s or any federal, provincial or municipal body’s regulation mandating facemask usage. Wearing a facemask poses a health risk to me that could result in death. Under the Ontario Human Rights Code it is illegal for you to deny me entry to your premises or refuse to provide me products or services based on my inability to wear a facemask. Under the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act I am not required to disclose my medical condition to you.

The Ontario Human Rights Code not only prohibits discrimination at the provincial level, but also establishes a human rights commission system to administer and enforce the code. If you violate my Disability Rights under the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms by refusing me entry to your premises or refusing to provide me products or services based on my inability to wear a facemask, I will launch a human rights complaint against you and/or your organization.

For your and your organization’s collective protection, you have my permission to copy this declaration for your records and share it with your staff and/or patrons.