OCCUPIED TORONTO: Mayor surrenders public square to VIOLENT thugs

OCCUPIED TORONTO: Mayor surrenders public square to VIOLENT thugs

When I went there to do a news report, the protesters swarmed me and my cameraman — but City Hall’s own security told me I was the one who had to leave, not the squatters.In fact, City Hall ordered my own professional security to leave the premises. And worst of all, an actual Toronto police officer threatened to arrest me!
Click here to watch my full report — it’s truly shocking:

Welcome to John Tory’s Toronto, where actual criminals control the town square, and reporters are kicked out by police. Who could have guessed that turning Toronto into a “sanctuary city” would lead to such anarchy?

But I promise you, we will do our journalism even if Antifa thugs, City Hall security or even real police don’t want us to.

I need your help though. These days Antifa attacks me on sight — they know that police have been ordered not to stop them. So, I have to travel with several bodyguards to protect me, since the police won’t.
I’m literally the only journalist in Canada who has to do this. Antifa would never attack the CBC — that’s their official mouthpiece!

If you can help me cover the cost of my security, please got to JournalistDefenceFund.com — thanks.

Yours truly,

David Menzies

P.S. We’re not easily scared off. We went back to Toronto City Hall yesterday. This time we brought our whole team, including our lawyer and SEVEN security guards. But the protesters still became violent. Seven bodyguards is an absurd price to pay, but we paid it. If you can help, please visit JournalistDefenceFund.com.

PP.S. If you prefer to use snail mail you can make cheques payable to “Rebel News” and send them to:

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