Trudeau’s Canada: One Law for the Thugs but A Different Law for Reporters & the Rest of Us

Hamilton railroad blockade: Know-nothing protesters, and Rebel reporter threatened with arrest (again)
By David Menzies | February 26, 2020

The “new abnormal” in Canada:

Antifa types camping out on railroad tracks is A-OK as far as law enforcement is concerned, but a journalist chronicling such lawlessness is threatened with… Arrest?!

The latest Whac-A-Mole pop-up railway protest against the GasLink pipeline is now taking place in Hamilton, Ontario, inconveniencing thousands of GO Transit commuters and bringing yet another halt to freight train traffic. The blockade, ostensibly in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en natives of British Columbia, was erected just hours after a similar blockade was dismantled near Belleville, Ontario, on Monday.

Here’s what I saw on the scene in Hamilton:

The protesters were completely unable to articulate their rationale for shutting down the rail traffic.

It did not appear that there was a single native present (although, laughably, the Toronto Star did manage to interview a woman who said she “identified” as being native)

More two-tier “justice” was on display: while police turned a blind eye to the squatters, I was threatened with arrest for practicing journalism.

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s Canada!