Remembering the 1945 Dresden Holocaust

Lady Michele Renouf

Remembering the 1945 Dresden Holocaust

All praise to the 2020 organisers and indeed this year to the protective diligence of the Dresden police force! (Perhaps asking my arresting officers in 2018 about how many arrests they’d made of the Antifa – who flaunt huge banners “Bomber Harris Do It Again” – somehow had hit home?)

Owing to an effectively policed route which meant the Marchers passed in full view of residents in high-rise apartments blocks, Dresden citizens saw the miles of some 2000 international sympathisers who filed by, black and national flags teaming in silent cry for holocaust justice. The mourners instinctively adhered to disciplined rules of respectful conduct commensurate with the Day. A Day when Beethoven drowned out, by contrast the grotesquely offensive Antifa in their rap and raucous scorn for civilians ( mainly women and children) burnt alive by everafter fashionable “moral bombing”.

Together with Slavic refugees who were fleeing from advancing Jewish Bolsheviks, the glorious edifice of Baroque Dresden had been turned into an holocaustal offering.

Today although the edifice has been somewhat rebuilt, the sole monument to Dresden’s torched civilians ‘says’ it all in a two-line carved inscription on the entrance surround to a public WC in the city square – an appalling Remembrance little more, in effect, than graffiti on a toilet wall.

Lest We Forget,

Michele Lady Renouf

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H&D assistant editor Peter Rushton was among more than 2,000 marchers in Dresden yesterday who commemorated the 75th anniversary of the RAF and USAAF terror-bombing of the city on 13th-14th February 1945.

Lady Michèle Renouf with Thuringia NPD leader Thorsten Heise: the banner reads – “Where Justice becomes Injustice, Resistance becomes a Duty!”

The Gedenkmarsch was superbly organised by Maik Müller of Dresden NPD, and was supported not only by NPD branches from across Germany, but by many other parties and by supporters from other countries including Ireland, France, Sweden, Croatia, Italy, Bulgaria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, the Netherlands and USA – even from as far away as Japan and Australia.

Despite efforts by the usual antifa rabble to block the march route, we were able to proceed through a residential area of Dresden (many locals observing from nearby flats) to a rally point next to the central train station, where speeches included a message from Wolfram Nahrath, attorney for persecuted patriots and defenders of truth and justice including the jailed authors Ursula Haverbeck (now 91) and Horst Mahler (now 84) and the British traditional Roman Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson.

As can be seen and heard in attached video links, the respectful and dignified conduct of the marchers contrasted with grotesque behaviour of ‘antifascist’ counter-demonstrators who failed in their objectives. The rentamob’s disrespectful cacophony was drowned out by solemn classical music accompanying the march.

The UK Sunday Times today could not resist publishing an attack on the demonstration, written by the paper’s foreign editor Peter Conradi, a well-known Jewish-Zionist historian. As has become the habit of establishment journalists, Mr Conradi seeks to minimise the Dresden death toll and accuses 21st century German patriots of exaggerating it.

A Dresden spokesman for AfD (the fast-growing patriotic-conservative party Alternative für Deutschland) had quoted a death toll of close to 100,000 – a figure which Conradi compares to the claims of “Holocaust-denying historians”, while himself insisting on a figure of 25,000.

The actual Dresden death toll remains difficult to assess precisely due to the large number of refugees from the East who had packed into the city at the time of the bombing. Yet one very recently released document from the postwar secret British propaganda agency IRD (Information Research Department) offers us some clues.

H&D reports this document for the first time today: click here to read: Propaganda and Dresden’s Holocaust – The Secret British File.

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