“Fighting for Democracy” NB Attorney General Seeks to Hijack Scholar’s Will

“Fighting for Democracy” NB Attorney General Seeks to Hijack Scholar’s Will

MONCTON. July 29, 2013. Christian free thinker and himself a victim of Zionist repression, Malcolm Ross reports from Moncton that the New Brunswick Attorney general has entered the fray to try to hijack the will of Robert McCorkill who left a large bequest of ancient coins to the National Alliance, a U.S. White nationalist group. The AG’s office, Mr. Ross told CAFE today, is claiming that it is joining the effort to  nullify the bequest because it “is joining the fight for democracy.” That, says the Moncton author, is “like saying we will invade Afghanistan to bring them peace and democracy.”
“The efforts to overturn Mr. McCorkill’s bequest pose a serious threat to freedom and personal property,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE).”Is there now to be a ‘politically correct’ litmus test applied to bequests?” he asked. 


Last Tuesday (July 23) the National Post reported on the latest temporary, we hope, victory by a band of mischief makers and meddlers to hijack a bequest by late scholar Robert McCorkill to the National Alliance, a White Nationlist group in the U.S. The Post reported:”

Robert McCorkill lived in Saskatoon and Ottawa before moving to Saint John, where he died in 2004.Robert McCorkill lived in Saskatoon and Ottawa before moving to Saint John, where he died in 2004.

The sister of a New Brunswick man who left a collection of coins and artifacts worth an estimated $250,000 to a neo-Nazi group in the United States has obtained an injunction.

The court order temporarily blocks any distribution of Robert McCorkill’s estate or transfer out of New Brunswick, Ottawa-based lawyer Richard Warman stated in an email.

McCorkill, who also went by McCorkell, left his collection to the U.S.-based National Alliance when he died in Saint John nine years ago, but the estate has remained unsettled.

The ex parte injunction was obtained on Monday on behalf of McCorkill’s sister Isabelle McCorkill, who will be challenging the bequest on public policy grounds, Warman said.

‘I anticipate that other groups will intervene in support of the application in the coming days,’ he said.

Anti-racism groups had planned to try to stop the National Alliance from receiving the items, fearing they could be sold and help spark a rebirth of the neo-Nazi group that has been in decline since its founder died more than a decade ago. … ‘All assets of the Estate of Harry Robert McCorkill (a.k.a. McCorkell) shall remain in the province of New Brunswick until further order of this court,’ he said.”

A far leftist blogger going by the handle BigCityLib confirmed the role of the busybody Richard Warman. “I’ve written about Robert McCorkell (or McCorkill) a few times.  He was a  Canadian chemist with White Nationalist leanings, and when he died he bequeathed  $1,000,000 in ancient gold coins and other valuables to the National Alliance, an American hate/terror group.  The collection itself is quite impressive: ancient Libyan, Roman, and Turkish artifacts.  It would be a pity if it wound up helping to refinance American Neo-Nazis.
Behind the scenes, a number of people (including BCLSB fave Richard Warman) have been working to stop this from happening.  And it looks like they’ve succeeded, at least temporarily. Yesterday afternoon an injunction was obtained blocking any distribution of Robert McCorkill’s estate ‘until further order’ from the
New Brunswick Court of Queen’s Bench.  …  It would be nice to see an academic institution of one sort or another adopt the collection.”
Warman supposedly actually has a full-time job doing something or other at the Department of National Defence. He’s currently preparing for a mega libel trial where he’s suing neo-con bloggers Mark and Connie Fournier of freedominion.com. He’s also recently slapped Arthur Topham another of his victims  (a Sec. 319 “hate law” complaint)  with a threat of libel. Anyway, the mystery remains how he can manage so much all consuming litigation and still discharge his duties at  National Defence. Free Dominion asserts that Warman has filed libel suits or threatened such suits against at least 60 parties in the past dozen years!

In a later report, the National Post  (July 26, 2013) expanded on the role of the newly found litigant, Mr. McCorkill’s long stranged sister Isabel, who apparently only now — 9 years later — has learned about his will and has developed an outrage at the money being left to a U.S. nationalist group: “Robert McCorkill left his collection to the National Alliance when he died in Saint John nine years ago, but the estate remains in dispute.

Isabelle McCorkill, his estranged sister, is now arguing the will should be null and void. ‘We’re not taking any issue with how it’s drafted or anything like that. We’re taking issue with the specific gift to the National Alliance,’ said Marc-Antoine Chiasson, her Moncton-based lawyer.

He contends giving nearly $250,000 to a white supremacist group violates Canadian policy and is against the law. ‘In our view, the gift would basically be financing a hate group, which flies in the face of what we stand for in Canada,’ said Chiasson.

‘Hate speech in Canada is criminally prohibited. Secondly, Canada has signed on to numerous international conventions with the specific goal and aim to get rid of hate speech, hate groups and the financing of hate groups.’

Chiasson says his client, who didn’t have any contact with her brother since 1991, is not interested in the money. But when she learned it had been willed to the National Alliance, she felt compelled to act, he said.”


Mr. Ross points out that the long lost sister Isabelle has turned up and, although apparently impoverished, has been able to retain one of Moncton’s top laws firms — most convenient for the meddlers who’d like to nullify the bequest to the National Alliance.


Mr. Ross calls the current proceedings “a money grab. They are trying to bleed the estate through litigation.” Sadly, because of the freeze placed by the court last week on the estate’s assets, the current storage costs for the coins and artifacts left by Mr. McCorkill have actually had to be paid out of the executor’s own pocket.”


Isabelle McCorkell did not even attend her brother’s funeral. “The National Alliance paid for his funeral,” Mr. Ross, who lost his teaching position because of his anti-Zionist writings in the 1990s, explained.


In the past week, John Hughes, lawyer for the National Alliance, has been assembling affidavits from National Alliance Chairman Erich Gliebe, Malcolm Ross and others who have knowledge of the estate.


A further hearing will be held on Wednesday. Mr. Hughes will be arguing that the wishes of the testator should not be violated. He is also seeking to examine the newly emerged Isabel McCorkell. Her lawyer argued against it but the presiding judge is apparently going to allow it.


The attempt to nullify the McCorkill bequest is a serious threat to freedom in Canada. That the state should be able to alter a will for political reasons is scandalous. Much rides on the legal efforts of National Alliance attorney John Hughes, defending the right of a person to will his estate to the persons or causes he chooses.