Climate Lunatic Who Wants to Depopulate the West (genocide) Now in Trouble in Germany for “Holocaust Relativism”

The New York Times is filled with such weird ideologies that I can barely bring myself to read it. I did not even know that “Holocaust Relativism” was a new heresy (out-ranking “Climate Denial”). However, it is good to know that the murder of 60 million Christians by the Bolsheviks does not matter at all. Not at all.
King’s College London has a PhD program in civil disobedience??
Oh, and Hallam’s climate ideology called for the total dissolution and depopulation of the West and never had to apologize.=====

[abstract]“British Environmental Activist Apologizes For ‘Crass’ Holocaust Remarks”, in New York Times, November 22, 2019. p. A9.
Caption: Roiger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion, trivialized the Nazi horros in an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit. 
In an interview with the German weekly Die Zeit, Roger Hallam, co-founder of Extinction Rebellion said that saying mass murder has happened many times in history and in that context the Holocaust is almost a “normal” atrocity. 
Immediately, it was announced that his new book will not be sold in Germany, now. The German leader of Fridays for Future denounced him, as did German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. The leaders of Extinction Rebellion-Germany called for the expulsion of Hallam from the movement. Extinction Rebllion-UK has also denounced Hallam. XR-Jews, the Jewish branch of Extinction Rebellion-UK, denounced Hallam and said such words could trigger a new Holocaust. Josef Schuster, president of he Central Council of Jews in Germany stressed that there is only one mass murder in history that is important and that is the unique Holocaust of the Jews; he noted that while it is important to attack climate deniers, Holocaust Relativiers like Hallam are just as bad. 

The controversy comes as Extinction rebellion is moving to more confrontational tactics and even violence, like the recent attempt to paralyze the London Underground subway system. 

Hallam, who paused his PhD program in civil disobedience at King’s College London to found Extinction Rebellion, apologized and said his comments were taken out of context. He said his intention had not been to downplay the Holocaust, but rather to downplay all other mass murders in history in comparison to the Holocaust.