Silenced by Google? Worker claims he was put on leave for speaking out

Silenced by Google?

Worker claims he was put on leave for speaking out



A Google employee was summarily put on administrative leave for speaking out against the tech giant’s leftwing ideologues allegedly having their paws all over the company’s algorithms in order to slice out conservative information and people they don’t like.

Freshly suspended senior Google engineer Greg Coppola spoke out publicly in an interview with conservative investigative news outlet Project Veritas.

“Are we going to continue to think for ourselves or are we just going to let the biggest tech companies decide who wins every election from now on?” he said in the bombshell interview.

“I look at search and I look at Google News and I see what it’s doing and I see Google executives go to Congress and say that it’s not manipulated.

“It’s not political. And I’m just so sure that’s not true.”

This is not the first time a Google employee has charged them with having a left-wing bias.

Last year, James Damore was fired for an internal document he authored trying to explain why there were less women in tech after the company was looking for feedback.

He then started legal proceedings against the company claiming it has “left biases” and is “alienating conservatives” by using “discriminatory practices.”

Shortly after Coppola came forward at the end of July, another Google employee fired in 2018 told Wall Street Journal he was let go for what he claims was advocating for conservative employees he says were bullied.

Google told The Hill he was fired for “misusing company equipment.”

Other critics have found biases in its search engine through their research.

Last year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told Congress Silicon Valley is “an extremely left-leaning place.”

In mid-july, U.S. President Trump held a social media summit in which he accused the tech giants of censoring conservatives.

In Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called for more censorship of “hate speech” and “misinformation” through the introduction of a digital charter.

The Liberal government has close ties to top Canadian execs at the big tech companies, including Google.

As the 2019 federal election kicks off in mere weeks, the role big tech plays in the flow of information to everyday Canadians looms large.