CAFE Blasts Review Board’s Secrecy & Minister’s Decision to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS From Canada’s Mails

CAFE Blasts Review Board’s Secrecy & Minister’s Decision to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS From Canada’s Mails


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November 16, 2018

Dear Board Members:

After it was announced at the end of August that the Independent Board of Review had, after six months, finally completed its report to the Minister, CAFE, as an intervenor, asked for a copy.


Here is the insolent reply we received:

Dear Mr. Fromm,

Thank you for your organization’s participation in the process and your request. You will understand that under Section 45(3) of the Canada Post Corporation Act, the Board of Review is required to submit a report with its recommendations to the Minister. There are no provisions in the legislation for the Board of Review to disseminate or publicize the report.

As the matter is now with the Minister for deliberation, please refer any further inquiries about the report to

Yours very truly,



Independent Board of Review

With respect, CAFE is not the public but an ‘intervenor”. Our understanding is that the defendants/”interested parties” did not receive a copy either.

This secrecy prevented participants from reacting and making representations to the Minister, either to accept or reject your report.

Yesterday, we discovered your report on-line.

We have been foully treated.

Your report takes Canada one sad further step into the swamp of a Cultural Marxist police state. How can we wag our prissy preaching finger at Russia or Iran for suppressing criticism and free speech and do much the same thing here? You have joined a long list of humourless Puritans (religious and otherwise) through the centuries unable to appreciate spirited satire which pricked the pompous and privileged and supported the ignored and dispossessed.

We note the Minister has adopted your key recommendations.for censorship FOREVER of a publication. Interestingly people who actually commit vile acts like murder, as opposed to people who say offensive things about privileged minorities, do not face a lifetime penalty. The sentence for murder is “life” with parole after a given number of years.

Carla Qualtrough, the minister responsible for Canada Post, said: “My decision is consistent with  the government’s values and stance on inclusiveness and diversity.” The mind boggles at her illogic and contradiction: banning distribution of a publication through the mails and this is part of inclusiveness” and “diversity.” Inclusiveness, but not of YOUR WARD NEWS satire; “diversity”, but not diversity of opinion.

You have laboured long and, I suspect, quite profitably and produced a report that is an affront to free men and women. Your report is a disgrace. No wonder you sought to keep it secret.

Sincerely yours,

Paul Fromm