Jewish Leader Gideon Falter Promises Ruin to Those Who Criticize Jews & Other Privileged Minorities

Jewish Leader Gideon Falter Promises Ruin to Those Who Criticize Jews & Other Privileged Minorities
 Alison Chabloz is an English chanteuse and satirist. On January 10, 2018, she faces criminal charges in London, England for communicating, via the public airwaves (You Tube) “grossly offensive material”; namely, satirical songs about people like Eli Wiesel.
She was charged privately by Gideon Falter and the well-funded and well connected Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. The Crown saw no merit when first approached but, after private charges were laid, took on the case. Alison’s is a crucial case as the forces of censorship seek to shut down on-line criticism that crosses the subjective and foggy line of being “grossly offensive”
The words of Falter — seeking the total ruination of those who criticize privileged minorities are chilling. Take these Zionists, who shout loudest about “hate” but who are themselves vicious haters, very seriously.
I know from personal experience. A 6-year campaign by Canadian Jewish groups culminated in my firing as an English instructor after a 25 year career where I had been hailed by my Director of Education as “an exemplary teacher”. My sins? My opposition to this country;s immigration policies and my support for free speech — on my own time, off school property. They sought my impoverishment and the ruin of my family. It is all out war with the forces of censorship and tyranny. 
Read Alison’s report below.
Paul Fromm
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Excerpts from Gideon Falter’s latest whine in the Jewish Chronicle. My comments in (brackets).

“We must make those who incite hatred pay a ruinous price for their actions. They must suffer criminal sanctions, be thrown out of their professions, and be exposed in the media. When expressions of antisemitism have profound criminal, financial and reputation repercussions, then only the most determined will engage in it.

“This year, Campaign Against Antisemitism has already taken the Crown Prosecution Service to the High Court and won a judicial review over its failure to prosecute an individual for alleged hate crimes ( = exposing vigilante Shomrim). We had to privately prosecute another individual ( = yours truly) after the Crown failed to do so, only for the Crown to change its mind and take over our prosecution.

“Our message is clear: the days of getting away with Jew-hatred are over. We will make sure of that. Our effect is being felt. Despite being one of the most inadequately funded communal charities (Nazis! Nazis everywhere! Donate!), relying almost entirely on the hard work of volunteers, we are referred to by those expressing abusive views on social media, on campuses and at demonstrations as their most powerful and dangerous enemy. They are lucky we are so starved of funds. (We can’t spell ‘anti-Semitism’, but be sure to donate!)

“Our message to the authorities is similarly blunt. With the backing of government ministers who share our dismay at your woeful inaction, we will hold you to account. If you fail to enforce the law with zero tolerance, we will challenge you in court, and we will hold your failings up to scrutiny in the media.” (That’s plod and CPS told!)

(Alas, asides last weekends Hannukah party attended by the Met Chief Constable Cressida Dick no less, it would seem that CAA is slipping from favour. Only one retweet by Falter for Bedlam’s ‘extreme measures’.)

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