Warren Kinsella’s Complaint re: sharing of participants’ e-mails

Warren Kinsella’s Complaint re: sharing of participants’ e-mails

Canadian Association for Free Expression

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Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


June 28, 2017


Board of Review
c/o Jamal Family Law Professional Corporation
2010 Winston Park Drive, Suite 301
Oakville , ON  L6H SR7


Re: Complaint By Warren Kinsella About Sharing of Participants’ E-mails





Earlier today, the Board sent out the Submissions of the Friends of the Simon Wiesenthal Centre and copied all the recognized parties and “interested parties” in this review.


Warren Kinsella, a major instigator in the three-year long attack seeking to shut down YOUR WARD NEWS, responded thus:


Again: communicating with all of us in this manner, without keeping addresses confidential, is reckless and precisely what the panelists promised not to do. How do you propose to remedy this? — Warren Kinsella, LL.B”


On his website, he was a little more extreme:


“Because that’s what the panel investigating Canada Post’s delivery of the violence-promoting hate rag Your Ward News did this morning. And it was what I and others had warned them about, and what they promised never to do. 

If someone now gets hurt or targeted, it’ll be on their heads. 

I plan to raise Hell about this. Stay tuned.”


A press release by Mr. Kinsella and Lisa Kinsella’s Daisy Group is even wilder and is attached.

We suggest that the near hysterical language and name calling speak for themselves. The fact is that the Committee shared the e-mails of participants. This is scarcely a threat to anyone’s safety or security. Frankly, we have no problem with CAFE’s contact information being shared.


The only information conveyed  in the Committee’s e-mail are the participants’ e-mails. Sharing they will not hurt anyone. Being a lawyer of some experience, Mr. Kinsella knows or ought to know that in most proceedings the addresses and contacts (physical, e-mail, phone, and FAX) of the participants are readily exchanged.

The abusive accusations by Mr. Kinsella are unacceptable. Neither the Canadian Association for Free Expression nor, to our knowledge, those other parties supporting freedom of expression and YOUR WARD NEWS’ right to use the Canadian mails has threatened anyone. Accusing some participants of being “dangerous” is outrageous, unproven and decidedly not helpful.

We were uneasy about the fear-mongering and obsessive secrecy advocated at the Committee’s first hearing in April. Contrary to his submission, Mr. Kinsella is not a victim. The only victims here are Dr. James Sears and Mr. Leroy St. Germaine who have been denied their mailing rights for over a year.

Those who seek to curtail others’ rights to speak by making complaints or participating in this process should have the courage to come forth and participate with the same sort of openness (contacts, address) as participants in most legal proceedings. They should not be permitted to portray themselves a delicate petunias and cast their hurtful accusatory stones from virtual anonymity. If they want to contend in the kitchen, they should be prepared to face the heat, as CAFE does. We do not hide our contacts. Nor do the victims here, Dr. James Sears or Mr. Leroy St. Germaine.

Mr. Kinsella seems happy to try to curtail others’ freedoms and damage their business and lives but insists on hiding.

CAFE suggests Mr. Kinsella abusive press release speaks for itself. However, it is consistent with several decades in public life of being an outspoken and extreme partisan for a variety of causes both within and outside the Liberal Party.

In the mid 1990s, while promoting his book Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network, Mr. Kinsella told a Toronto paper that he and his then wife checked into hotels under assumed names as they were in danger from hit men sent by then Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi (supposedly angry at his book on Libya) or  “neo-Nazis” angry at Web of Hate. Frankly, Mr. Kinsella is a bit of a drama queen who loves to portray himself as a victim. while attacking others. It might be noted that, some 23 years since Web of Hate was published, there is no sign of those assassins, Libyan or local, being anything other than a figment of Mr. Kinsella’s self-promoting imagination.


Liberally hurling most ill-liberal invective like “White supremacist” and  “neo-Nazi”, Warren Kinsella has shown himself over the years to be the high priest of hyperbole. During the 2014 Toronto mayoralty campaign, he made some intemperate comments against eventual winner John Tory which saw him dropped from the campaign of Olivia Chow whom he’d been supporting. The Globe and Mail (August 22, 2014) reported: “The political strategist who came under fire for accusing John Tory of ‘segregationist’ policies – and whom the Olivia Chow campaign has attempted to distance itself from in recent days – has since deleted dozens of posts from his blog related to Ms. Chow and her run for mayor. Ever since Warren Kinsella, an outspoken Liberal strategist who is head of Ms. Chow’s rapid-response ‘war room,’ incited controversy this week by accusing rival John Tory of having a ‘segregationist’ transit plan, Ms. Chow has attempted to play down his role on her campaign. In recent days, Mr. Kinsella appears to have deleted more than 40 blog posts he’s written in support of Ms. Chow, dating back to at least November of last year — later writing on his blog that he still supports her, but is trying to be ‘positive’.”

CAFE urges the Committee to ignore Mr. Kinsella’s complaint and adopt the procedure followed in most legal matters, where all parties can directly serve their submissions on all other parties and be advised of the other parties’ normal contact information..


Respectfully submitted,


Paul Fromm