CPS discontinues original charge for my song (((Survivors)))

CPS discontinues original charge for my song (((Survivors)))

Friday June 2, the Crown Prosecution Service informed my lawyer of their intention to discontinue the initial accusation for malicious communications brought against me by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism for my song (((Survivors))).

This latest news of yet another charge against me being dropped will no doubt provoke yet more tears from the turgid trio of accusing females (as described here) and who are still gnashing their teeth on Twitter, wanting my blood and even interacting regards my person – in typically clueless fashion – and in public. Screenshots archived.


Regards the pending cases relating to the YouTube video of last September’s London Forum performance, I am considering downloading both songs, removing the music and leaving just the laughter and applause.

The next hearing – for legal argument only – will take place June 23, 10 am at Westminster Magistrates Court. The outcome may not only have a devastating effect on the right to be able to think for ourselves and express those thoughts, it may also severely undermine British values, traditions and artistic culture. Hope to see you there