Kevin Pillar — Latest Victim Punished by Privileged Minority

Kevin Pillar — Latest Victim Punished by Privileged Minority

For years CAFE has warned that the most mortal enemy of freedom of speech, after the organized Jewish lobby, is the homosexual lobby. The LGBTQ crowd are the newest privileged minority whom one dares not criticize without the roof falling in on you, all of this aided by Establishment collaborators.

The latest victim is Toronto  Blue Jays centre fielder Kevin Pillar. In Wednesday’s night’s losing game against the Atlanta Braves,having struck out, he yelled “faggot” at the Braves’ pitcher. Actually, in its report, THE NATIONAL POST (May 18, 2017) coyly wouldn’t even say the offensive word which earned Pillar a two day suspension and a denunciation by his team’s own management:

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It took the better part of a day, but Kevin Pillar eventually figured out what he needed to say.

The use of a homophobic slur, as the Toronto centrefielder has now acknowledged he used on Wednesday night, is an absolute liability offence. Anger, embarrassment, the frustration of losing three in a row to the freaking Braves, none of it excuses using that epithet in that space: the middle of a baseball diamond in a game watched by hundreds of thousands of fans.

Language matters, and whatever the fallout of the Pillar incident, it’s these kind of things that slowly make change happen. 

Pillar did his learning on the fly. In the immediate aftermath of Wednesday night’s incident in Atlanta, when he shouted the homophobic f-word at Braves pitcher Jason Motte, Pillar apologized for being immature and stupid and said he was ‘a competitive guy and (it was) the heat of the moment.’”

However, according to reporter Scott Stinson, his apology wasn’t nearly enough. He hadn’t grovelled for having made a nasty comment about a privileged minority. A day later, he’d been given the word about the choking ideology of political correctness and whom you may and may not insult.  Preachy  reporter Scott Stinson explains: “It was an unacceptable response to the use of a homophobic slur on the playing field, while representing his team and his sport. Pillar’s statements on Wednesday night, while contrite and sincere, never addressed what he actually said, making it appear as though he was primarily apologetic for losing his temper. By Thursday afternoon, he had at least identified the missing part of that apology. He said on his Twitter account that he had ‘helped extend the use of a word that has no place in baseball, in sports, or anywhere in society today.’ Pillar said he was ‘completely and utterly embarrassed’ and apologized to everyone involved, including ‘the LBGTQ community for the lack of respect I displayed.’”

Not long after that, the Blue Jays released a statement that said the organization was “extremely disappointed” by the comments Pillar made on Wednesday night, and it also apologized to everyone, including the gay community. About three hours before Thursday’s game, the Blue Jays suspended Pillar for two games after discussions with Major League Baseball and the players’ association.”

Now, a frustrated player shouting an insult at the pitcher might not be very sportsmanlike, but does it really merit this selective punishment? What if he had shouted “asshole”, “mother fucker”, “goof” or some other insult. Likely nothing! It wasn’t losing his temper that was the sin but saying something derogatory about a privileged minority.

Freedom spontaneity and sports are being choked by political correctness