Dear Minister Foote:

To ensure that there are witnesses to this correspondence, I have BCC’d
everyone involved in this matter or that should be involved, including
members of the media.  I have cc’d my Member of Parliament so that he
keeps on top of you to ensure you move on the matter expeditiously.  I
have also cc’d my Publisher so that you know I have his permission to act
on his and the paper’s behalf.  Anyone on this correspondence may share
any part of it.

Firstly, since you have issued the Orwellian order of prohibiting me and
my Publisher from using the mail even for personal correspondences (see
attached letter from you) we must correspond with you by email.
Furthermore, I have not been served with the attached letter as of yet; it
was forwarded to me by Canada Post a few hours ago, as a courtesy.  They
were kind enough to refund the almost $40K we had already paid for the
305,000 piece mailing of Your Ward News starting this week.  My letter
carrier came to my door with your letter today, but refused to give it to
me, saying that you had requested a “card” be issued, and I be made to
pick it up at the post office tomorrow (delay tactic).  I do not
understand why a letter signed by you on May 26, 2016, with a 10 day time
limitation on it, has still not been officially sent to me, causing me to
incur printing costs over the weekend that could have been avoided (if it
came even one business day earlier, our papers would not have gone to
press).  If Canada Post had not forwarded their copy to me today, I would
still be unaware of your treacherous violation of my free speech rights.

Secondly, as Editor-In-Chief of Your Ward News, I am officially
requesting, in writing, for a Board of Review of your illegal order
blocking distribution of Your Ward News.  You have violated the Charter of
Rights under multiple sections, and you should be ashamed of yourself!
You may communicate with me by email from this point forward as to when
the date of said hearing will take place.  To expedite matters, you can
download a copy of the latest edition of Your Ward News here, which as you
can see is perfectly legal and harmless (please pass along information
from page 2 on my wrestling debut in Montreal) …

Thirdly, I am putting you on notice that you have libelled me and the
entire Your Ward News staff through the spreading criminal falsehoods
about us, by stating that you believe we are violating up to two sections
of the criminal code.  Furthermore, you have exacerbated said libel by
stating that we are criminals of the kind so heinous that we deserve even
our personal mailing rights stripped, with no trial … guilty until we
prove ourselves innocent.  I was not aware that Canada is now under
Napoleonic law.

Please advise me ASAP as to the date on which your “Board Of Review” will
take place, keeping in mind that if the Summer 2016 edition of Your Ward
News is not delivered ASAP, it will be stale-dated; and also keeping in
mind that we are now incurring daily storage costs for said order of
newspapers; and also keeping in mind that Canada Post has a monopoly on
delivery of mail to apartment mailboxes, and if we have not been convicted
of any crime, we will be seeking a court injunction to strike down Canada
Post’s monopoly, and have keys to said mail boxes issued to us so that we
may distribute said papers ourselves.

Please govern yourself accordingly!


Dr. James Sears
Founder and Leader
New Constitution Party of Canada