The Return of Dr. James Sears — Toronto, Thursday, May 19 — at The Musket


The Return of Dr. James Sears — Toronto, Thursday, May 19 — at The Musket

The Alternative Forum & the Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Present

The Return of Dr. James Sears

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 Dr. James Sears

Back by popular demand, our wildly popular January speaker, Dr. James Sears is the leader of the New Constitution Party of Canada.  A medical doctor by training, Dr. Sears is now Canada’s top anti-Marxist activist.  He promotes his activism by being Editor-In-Chief of the largest anti-Marxist publication in Canada, Your Ward News, which is delivered each month by Canada Post to 300,000 addresses in Toronto, and read by over 1,000,000 people.  Due to this controversial publication, he has been the subject of more hate crime investigations than any other person in Toronto history. Dr. Sears is Canada’s top medical fraud and malpractice investigator.  He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife Colette, their 15 month old son Nicholas, and their Shih Tzu “Mountain Bear”.
Update from Dr. James Sears on Your Ward News’ battle against the ZioMarxist enemies of free speech!

TORONTO:  Thursday, May 19, 2016. Back Room, The Musket German Restaurant. (40 Advance Road, between Kipling & Islington)  8:00 p.m. Admission $10.00

* Sorry, I can’t attend. Please send me the audiotape of Dr. Sears’ talk. $6.00
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