Block the UN’s Last-Minute Pandemic Treaty Push!

Block the UN’s Last-Minute Pandemic Treaty Push!

Block the UN’s Last-Minute Pandemic Treaty Push!

petition author imageCitizenGO started this petition to Ambassador Norton and Delegates of the 10th INB Session – 2024/04/30

The battle against the WHO Pandemic Treaty has entered its critical final phase.

Right now, the WHO’s Intergovernmental Negotiating Body (INB) is engaged in an emergency session in Geneva, convened to ram through the UN Pandemic Treaty before the World Health Assembly on May 27th.

The decisions made during this meeting could permanently shift the balance of power, granting global elites unprecedented control over your personal health choices.

For nearly two years, you and I have battled relentlessly against this huge threat to our cherished liberties. This treaty, driven by the globalists controlling the WHO, seeks to enforce mandates on your health, your movement, and your life under the guise of public safety.

The pandemic may be over, but the push for this pandemic treaty continues.

Why? Because it’s not about health—it’s about control.

This treaty is about making you a mere subject under a global power that dictates parts of your everyday life—forcing lockdowns, crippling our economies, and curtailing our fundamental freedoms.

The treaty’s language has shifted dramatically, moving from suggestive guidelines to compulsory mandates.

And there is significant escalation towards a legally binding framework that would strip away national sovereignty and individual rights, consolidating power in the hands of a few funded with millions and millions of your tax money.

Sign the petition now to demand that Canada’s ambassador reject the WHO Pandemic Treaty. Stand with us to send a clear message that this treaty must not pass.

Add your voice to the millions demanding an end to this power grab. Your participation is vital in showing that you will not stand by as your rights are negotiated away in closed-door meetings.

Join the fight. Help us make a decisive stand against the Pandemic Treaty and protect the individual freedoms of citizens across the globe.

This could indeed be our last chance to change the outcome. Do not let this moment pass without taking action. Your signature today could change the course of history.