The Allied Plans to Genocide the German People After WW II

The Allied Plans to Genocide the German People After  WW II
It is interesting that those who planned and partially carried on genocide against the German people — mass firebombings of German civilians; 1-million surrendered German soldiers starved to death after WW II; over a million German civilians deliberately starved to death after WW II; 16-million Germans ethnically cleansed from the East (3-million perished along the way — were the ones who accused the National Socialists of crimes against humanity.
So, the victors-controlled narrative, strengthened by the Nuremburg kangaroo court trials,tagged the National Socialists as perpetrators of crimes against humanity. This became the new religion of holocaust which thrives on wild exaggeration and guiltmongering. This dominates the largely Zionist-controlled media.
Thus, a real planned genocide, part of which actually occurred has been suppressed or wildly underreported.
Author James Bacque in his book Other Losses and in this powerful interview has ripped the veil of conspiracy, silence and distracting noise from this coverup.
He has paid a heavy professional price for his courage.
Paul Fromm
At “ The Hansa House” we met James Bacque, Author of “Other Losses” and may other books.
We are eternally grateful to Mr. James Bacque for defending Germany and its People, and exposing the REAL EVIL.
The Movie “Other Losses” was presented which stirred up many emotions, tears and anger.
When looking at the horrors on what the German Prisoners of War had to endure, and the Germans that survived the carpet bombing and destruction of their homeland,  it crushes anyone’s believe in humanity. The link below will describe the horrifying plan executed by people that are considered Heroes, may they roast eternally in hell. The winner writes History and distorts facts any way he sees fit to glorify himself.  Lies repeated often enough become truth and when laws are made that you cannot challenge those lies then we know they are made to protect these lies. THE TRUTH FEARS NO QUESTIONS
Below is an “eye opening Interview”  that everyone should listen to that still believes the lies that have been told for 70 years about Germany and its People
James Bacque bestselling author joined us to discuss suppressed history of WWII.

While researching a book about the French resistance, Author James Bacque stumbled upon the evidence of the deaths of German prisoners in American and French death camps after WWII, this research later became his book “Other Losses” which details the accounts of German prisoners of war which otherwise would have been largely unknown. Over 1 million prisoners in Germany were casually exterminated in allied camps

Other losses sold over 200,000 copies worldwide along with his extraordinary work in writing other books such as Our Fathers War and Crimes and Mercies that have become best-sellers published around the world with over 260,000 copies sold.
Mr Bacques work has become threatened because the literary and historical establishment assisted by the government and police of Canada and the USA have made it impossible to reach readers through former publishers.

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Preview YouTube video James Bacque – WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses

James Bacque – WWII, Hidden history and Other Losses