Adam Skelly Heads to Court, CHALLENGING THE GREAT LIE


As many of you know, the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario came down on Adam Skelly like ten tonnes of bricks.  The government brought six, separate legal proceedings against him for daring to dissent.

Why? To single him out. To make an example of him. To punish him for just saying NO. Adam was the first person in North America to be arrested for disobeying public health orders. In the age of COVID-19 tyranny and totalitarianism, dissent and debate are no longer permitted.

The government hit. And we hit back.  Last year, CCOC helped Adam retain new counsel. We are determined to be heard – and will be heard. 

We are challenging the Reopening Ontario Act, its lockdown regulation 82/20, and Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health authority on legal and            constitutional grounds.   Here is a link to our Notice of Application:

We retained six PhD experts to submit evidence that strongly challenges the Great Lie. This evidence has yet to be heard in court.  It is irrefutable.  All the legal documents, including the expert evidence, are as follows:

Skelly vs. ROA Case Documents and Information

We are looking to raise $50,000 in total to see this challenge through, and to counter and prevail against the Great Lie.

This consists of the following:

  • Costs ordered of $15,000 on the original injunction
  • Costs ordered of $15,000 on the failure to be heard on June 28th, 2021
  • Security for costs of $15,000 to proceed with this challenge
  • $5000 for our experts to submit their replies

Freedom isn’t free. Privacy isn’t free. The truth isn’t free.  And justice isn’t free.  We must fight to defend it.  We must fight to the end


As long as the Great Lie remains, these measures can easily be resurrected. They have become a precedent and backed strongly by governments worldwide. Strong, new legal challenges have been brought against the remaining measures; but unfortunately, none of them take aim at the narrative. None of them challenge the Great Lie. It must not and cannot be allowed to stand. The only way to guarantee NEVER AGAIN is to challenge the Great Lie officially in court. That will be the only way to NEVER FORGET.

Do not consent. Do not comply. Do not obey. NEVER GIVE IN.

Thank you for your defiance and Godspeed,
Concerned Constituents of Canada