Freedom News: Environment Minister & Carbon Tax Fanatic Guilbeault Admits He’s A Proud Socialist & ‘Conservative” Alberta Minister Betrays Party Base & Refuses to Dismantle Anti-White Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Bureaucracies in Universities

It’s been a week of startling admissions and deflections from the Liberal camp. Here’s what you need to know.

Guilbeault Embraces “Proud Socialist” Tag Amid Carbon Tax Defense:
Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault has declared himself a “proud socialist” while fervently upholding the Liberal carbon tax. This confession in Parliament has stirred the political pot, aligning him closely with climate change measures that continue to polarize the nation.
Guilbeault’s Socialist Reveal:Read the Full Article Here
Liberal Safe Supply Program Under Fire as Opioid Deaths Remain High:
In an unsettling turn, the Liberal “safe supply” initiative for curbing opioid fatalities is under fire. With deaths still on the rise, the Liberals, led by Minister Ya’ara Saks, now point to socio-economic woes and illegal drugs, shifting away from pandemic-related explanations.

Opioid Crisis Worsens: Liberals Shift Blame

UCP Minister Rebukes Party’s DEI Stance:
In a defiant departure from her party’s recent direction, Advanced Education Minister Rajan Sawhney has starkly dismissed the democratic will of UCP members. Sawhney has provocatively claimed that party members — who have voted to abolish DEI bureaucracies in universities — are out of step with Albertan values and in need of DEI indoctrination.

This bold assertion flies in the face of the UCP’s landmark AGM decision to rid post-secondary institutions of DEI offices, which many Conservatives see as bastions of divisive, ideological agendas.
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