Quesnel Cariboo Observer runs front page story on OCLA support for Arthur Topham

Quesnel Cariboo Observer runs front page story on OCLA support for Arthur Topham 
Arthur Topham
October 1, 2014
Dear Reader,
October 1, 2014 was another great day for free speech in Canada with the welcome news that my local community newspaper the Quesnel Cariboo Observer had published a front page story outlining the Ontario Civil Liberties Association’s (OCLA) support for myself and for free expression across the nation. I was also able to contribute my comments on the OCLA petition and support statements which was an additional bonus.
When a person is normally charged with these types of offences the usual modus operandi of the mainstream media is to join ranks and play up the charge of “hate” so as to vilify and slander the victim of these specious “crimes”. Then, after stigmatizing the person, they usually turn a blind eye to the accused’s side of the story, shroud the case in silence until the trial commences, and then begin the same process all over in order to curry further ill will and antagonism toward the alleged “hater”.
That form of demeaning, one-sided, biased approach to journalism I am happy to say has not been the way of Quesnel newspaper has treated one of its local citizens and I’m very proud to say that this fair and impartial treatment of myself and the case is a shining example of independent journalism; one that we can only hope the remainder of the msm, over 90% of which is Zionist controlled in Canada, would emulate.
Thanks to the article entering the mainstream OCLA has added this story to their online petition which will only enhance its stature and reinforce the seriousness of what the OCLA initiative is striving to accomplish.
I would once again ask readers, if they haven’t already done so, to consider reading and signing the petition which at this point has garnered around four hundred signatures and dozens of highly informed, cogent comments from individuals around Canada and the world. Every time a person signs the petition and leaves a comment, a copy of that comment goes to the Attorney General of British Columbia, the Honourable Suzanne Alton, reminding her to remove her consent from the charge laid against me.
Please let’s keep the ball rolling on this and support the fine efforts of the OCLA. They, like myself, are risking much in standing up to these obscene, intrusive and highly unjust “Hate Propaganda” laws that were designed with one purpose in mind – to censor and penalize any and all criticism of the state of Israel and the ideology of political Zionism, thus allowing the crimes of this rogue, apartheid state to go on unhindered and unchallenged.
Click HERE to go to the petition. And click HERE to read OCLA’s public statement on this matter.
To read OCLA’s letter to the BC Attorney General asking her to withdraw her consent for this prosecution please click HERE.
For Truth and Justice for All,
Arthur Topham
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