Your Truth and My Truth Professor Frei! – Ursula Haverbeck

Your Truth and My Truth Professor Frei! – Ursula Haverbeck


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July 31, 2018

The following letter from Ursula Haverbeck, unfortunately, reached me only today. However, I do not wish to keep it from the public. A contribution to this case has already been made here [in German].



Frau Ursula Haverbeck

From Prison

July 31, 2018

Yours and My Truth

An article about me [Ursula Haverbeck] was published in the Süddeutsche Zeitung under the title ‘Hitlerliebe’ (Hitler Love) on July 21/22, 2018 by a historian, teaching newer and more recent history partly in Jena, partly in Israel. [admin: The Professor is a Jew.]

Professor Norbert Frei begins with the sentence:

“Ursula was 16 years old when Hitler committed suicide.”

He should have written:

“Ursula was 16 years old” when… the war, that was already drawing to an end, caught up with the people who had so far been largely spared in the East. After the total expulsion order, thousands of banished Germans set out to save themselves before the borders of the Bolshevik Red Army. That was the end of childhood and a very happy youth.

Prussians, Pomeranians, Silesians, Sudeten Germans and many other ethnic German groups could never return again to their old ancestral homeland, something that many still expected decades after the war, due to international law.

It was a bitter-cold January in 1945, the roads were frozen with ice. Often narrowly squeezed into three lanes, [German] troops headed east, and the farm buggies headed west, and in between them there were repeated transports of wounded. For the displaced Germans on the carriages, there was only one goal, despite the approaching gunfire, to get to Breslau and across the bridges of the river Oder as soon as possible, before they would be blown up.”

That would have said more about the reality of a sixteen-year-old girl’s life in East Germany in 1945.

Of course, a historian is also free to imagine a young person from the Nazi era at his own discretion. However, this usually says more about the mental condition of him than about the person described.

With the currency reform of 1948, a hard and serious cut into life began, especially for the homeless and unemployed expellees in foreign surroundings, where the inhabitants were already overwhelmed by the hundreds of thousands of people bombed out of their homes. All living space was already occupied well into the 1950s.

In England and Sweden they were looking for cleaning ladies for the hospitals and in positions of domestic help. I became a guest worker in Sweden from 1949 to 1953, from where I could support my parents.

The former “BDM” girl [Frau Haverbeck was designated by Prof. Frei to be a Hitler Youth Girl] – to which I never belonged; I had stayed with the 10-14 year olds as a young girls’ leader – was neither stubborn, nor angry, nor unhappy, as Norbert Frei claims I, his study object, was. I had a particularly happy time in Sweden. We met once a week in a German-Swedish working group for more than two years to study Rudolf Steiner’s ‘Philosophy of Freedom’. We read it in German and alternately lectured and discussed it in Swedish. There I heard of Baruch de Spinoza. Three of his sentences became my guide posts:

From the ethics: “Deus sive natura, ‘the unity and wholeness of God – nature.

“Man is man’s joy” as a replacement for the old Roman quote “man is man’s wolf.”

And from the theological-political treatise: “The true goal of all politics is freedom.”

The philosopher, who was a close friend of the Dutch politician Jan de Witt, recognized this as the basic maxim for the new political design after the collapse of the Spanish foreign rule, already shortly after the Thirty Year War at that time. It was to also point the way ahead for our departure. Freedom, please, not ego-liberalism!

The ‘Holocaust’ did not exist yet, and not in Sweden nor in Scotland in 1957 either, where I was able to study for a year thanks to a scholarship.

Tales of horror at Auschwitz did not attract further attention under the terror of the bombs and the misery of the displaced people, that was still omnipresent. Furthermore, there was also a large number of opposing statements about Auschwitz by contemporary witnesses, from personal experience. What was truth – what was a lie?

And not to forget, we knew who had already ‘declared’ war on us in March of 1933, and who it was that six months later declared the ‘Holy War’ against the most “bloodthirsty, evil people in the world, the Germans.” That wasn’t a new tune. Our fathers had already heard it in World War One.

“Denying the Holocaust is not an opinion, but a crime,” concludes Norbert Frei. For us, ‘The Holocaust’ was a Hollywood feature film from the USA. So this word first came into our consciousness in 1979. It was an enormous production, in four episodes in succession, with scientific introduction, panel discussion and tearful reports by Auschwitz survivors.

Auschwitz, the Holocaust and the six million gassings were one and the same. From now on it was regarded as the singular guilt of the Germans, that was not atonable for all eternity.

All refutations from available documents and scientific views were indexed, forbidden, destroyed. It was punishable to cite them in agreement, whether submitted by Jews, French, Americans or Germans.

Those born after 1960-1965 no longer had an opportunity to compare the information. For them, the Holocaust became an incontrovertible fact. And even today, every criticism, every question that is difficult to answer is punished with prohibitions and prison sentences. May I remind you of the trials against Ernst Zündel and the chemist Germar Rudolf in Mannheim.

The Institut für Zeitgeschichte (IfZ) [Institute of Contemporary History] managed the feat of publishing the Standort- und Kommandanturbefehle Auschwitz 1940-45 ohne IfZ Bemerkungen-530S in 2000, [commander’s orders at Auschwitz] and still withheld them at the same time from the public. In none of the more than 30 lawsuits [I have attended], have I ever heard them mentioned. (2001 – 2015).

Norbert Frei is made “speechless” by the “brazenness” of Ursula Haverbeck. This is simply explained by the fact that she knows not only the time after the Holocaust film, but also the 35 years before it, as well as a number of the critics involved, personally. [The accusations] have been reviewed retrospectively.

“The real goal of politics is freedom.” But how do you get freedom? This we find in John’s Gospel:

“The truth will set you free” (John 8:32).

Ursula Haverbeck, July 31, 2018


Short version:

Nazi Commands at Auschwitz 1940 to 1945 SS Archive Data Revealed-053018-65pg

To purchase: Nazi Commands at Autschwitz

Long Version, so far in German only:

Darstellungen und Quellen zur Geschichte Auschwitz-ohne IfZ Bemerkungen (Kommandanturbefehle)-530S

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The German lady Ursula Haverbeck and the British lady Michèle Renouf

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The German lady Ursula Haverbeck and the British lady Michèle Renouf



To begin, please see, on this blog, the account in French of May 9, 2018: En Allemagne, Ursula Haverbeck – âgée de près de 90 ans – vient d’être incarcérée pour révisionnisme (“In Germany, Ursula Haverbeck, at nearly 90 years of age, has just been imprisoned for revisionism”).

The revisionist Ursula Haverbeck, “the great German lady”, as her admirers call her, has been in prison in Bielefeld (North Rhine-Westphalia) since May 7. A great-grandmother, she will turn 90 on November 11. She is set to stand trial in another revisionist case in Hamburg on September 12. The distance between her place of detention and that city is more than 155 miles.

Lady Renouf, advised by barrister Wolfram Nahrath, informs us that the German authorities have decided to subject the prisoner to a veritable marathon voyage just before her approaching trial, to be held in a courtroom where, despite her inborn energy, she will risk arriving in rather poor physical condition. Leaving her prison in Bielefeld five or six days before the trial date, she will be stopping at five different prisons to spend the night! On each leg of the trip she will be in a crowded prison van, undergoing the regulation body search at each arrival point. Finally, in each of the five prisons, she will have to deal with new delinquents or criminals (see the 3m 12s video Ursula Haverbeck – Update).

Those who may wonder how the German authorities can even think of adopting such a harsh line of conduct will do well to remember that Germany, 73 years after her unconditional surrender of May 8, 1945, remains largely, with the presence still of numerous US military bases on her territory, an “occupied country”. She bows low, she believes or pretends to believe in what she is bidden to believe. And then, in any case, “the delirium of lying and believing is catching like the itch” (Céline).

The organisations claiming to represent the Jews prove to be ever more worried, and brutal. Since 1985 they have been in something of a panic. In January 1985 they observed Raul Hilberg’s devastating collapse as expert witness for the prosecution at the “first great Zündel trial in Toronto” (a collapse confirmed by his refusal, in writing, to appear again three years later at the “second great Zündel trial in Toronto”). Since then, the “Holocaust” religionists have experienced a major, enduring crisis that they vainly seek to ward off with increasingly senseless and fierce repression.

There is no doubt, however, that the revisionism of Ursula Haverbeck and Michèle Renouf will ultimately prevail. For historians there will remain the task of compiling a 20-tome Encyclopaedia of the Historical Lie of the Jewish Holocaust. In it will be found the names, in particular, of the judges who have disgraced themselves with such cynicism in convicting men and women who, in France, Britain, the United States, Canada and a good number of other countries, live, work and suffer for historical revisionism, that is, for one of mankind’s noblest intellectual adventures. This adventure will have known its “Righteous ones”, with Ursula Haverbeck and Lady Renouf figuring amongst them; the voluminous work will stand through the centuries ahead, like Horace’s “monumentum aere perennius”; it will be, let no-one doubt it, “a monument more lasting than bronze”.

August 14, 2018

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Hate crime’s alright if you’re non-white

Hate crime’s alright if you’re non-white

Ben Weich in this week’s edition of the Jewish Chronicle confirms the gist of my previous post: police have received yet another vexatious complaint from the usual suspects and are therefore obliged to fulfil their duty and investigate my heretical comments regards Claude Lanzmann’s Shoah. On and on it goes…

Today, I would like to comment on the atrocious double standards being applied by the English court system when it comes to so-called ‘hate crime’. I will return to foreign justice systems in a future article, specifically dealing with the current plights of Ursula Haverbeck and the Schaefer siblings in Germany (not forgetting Horst Mahler and Gerhard Ittner), as well as that of Canadian free speech advocate, Arthur Topham.

My suspended sentence was harsh. However, I am luckier than some. English courts, judges and juries will hammer ‘hate crime’ perpetrators when it’s a white man in the dock. Less so when the offender is from an ethnic minority or, seemingly, as in my case, is a woman. Take the most recent sentencing for a ‘malicious communications’ offence under section 127 of the 2003 Communications Act – the law under which my songs fell foul earlier this year:


180811 shomrim

Right: in 2016, Shehroz Iqbal drove around Stamford Hill shouting ‘Kill all Jews’. He was charged and convicted under the 1986 Public Order Act for using threatening language.

How does Iqbal’s 16 week suspended sentence compare with that of Jez Turner currently serving 12 months for a non-violent political speech made outside Whitehall in 2015? How does Iqbal’s sentence compare with nine months handed to Simon Sheppard for using colourful language to describe a non-white neighbour in a conversation with a TV repairman?

2018, Iqbal is again reported to police by Jewish Shomrim vigilantes (apparently normal British police aren’t good enough for Jews). Iqbal SENT a threatening email to the Shomrim. Charged under the 2003 Communications Act, he pleaded guilty and was given an 11 week suspended sentence, 60 hours unpaid work plus a £200 fine. 

My songs were uploaded to a server in the United States. They were not sent to any individual – and certainly not to my accusers of Campaign Against Antisemitism. My songs were uploaded from my home address in Derbyshire, yet I was forced to trek across Britain to London for no less than twelve hearings!

For uploading my own artistic work to the Internet, sent to no one, I was given a 20-week prison sentence, suspended for two years, 180 hours of unpaid work, 20 days of ‘rehabilitation’, a year-long ban from social media plus a £715 fine. Continually on the prowl despite being granted a restraining order against me(!), CAA is now apparently claiming that ‘‘ would also be a social media platform.

Prior to my conviction, I used social media principally to share the content of this website, which helped bring in donations and foster human interactions. And now I’m expected to pay a fine when I no longer have the option to share work via Facebook or Gab. Not satisfied with having me removed from Twitter in 2016 and from YouTube in 2017 (First, they came for Alex Jones – yeah, right!) my accusers, helped by the injustice system, have now succeeded in removing my voice from the two platforms left open to me. State-sponsored censorship via the courts of artists and anyone else they dislike is the order of the day as far as this so-called ‘charity’ is concerned.

Six weeks ago, following reception of the written suspended sentence order from Westminster Magistrates and a first meeting with my assigned probation officer in Derbyshire, I served papers on my local magistrates court to stay the unpaid work order pending appeal. What exactly do I owe my community up here in Derbyshire in relation to what the judge described as “serious offences” i.e. singing songs? Absolutely nothing as far as I can see: my trial took place in London outside my own jurisdiction (involving severe inconvenience and huge expense); there are no identifiable “victims” (of my satire!) either in my own jurisdiction or indeed elsewhere – except perhaps diamond swallowing fantasist Irene Zisblatt.

Prior to my prosecution, CAA trolls had already lobbied all the venues and social clubs I used to frequent in my home town in a bid to ostracise me socially and professionally (not to mention daily reports to police and PCC Hardyal Dhindsa). They even managed to have me kicked out of my own English folk band.

Think about it: sons of immigrants, whose loyalty lies offshore, dictating that an ethnic Englishwoman is unfit to play in an English folk band because of her Revisionist convictions. Folk music from these isles is part of my culture and heritage: it’s in my blood. How dare they!

According to my accusers, musicians censored by the Third Reich were ‘Holocaust’ victims. But musicians censored by Hitler were not ethnic Germans. In Britain today, Jews endlessly cite fictitious gas chambers in order to censor a British musician. Yet if anyone dares to compare Chabloz’ censors with the Nazis, they’d be accused of being a virulent anti-Semite and would risk prosecution under the highly dubious IHRA definition of ‘anti-Semitism’.

In reality, any such comparison is misguided. Censorious Creeps Anon are worse than the Nazis. Musicians at Auschwitz weren’t prevented from performing; there was an orchestra and even a theatre.

Above: Fact or fiction? Elie Wiesel’s violin audition at Auschwitz. 

In short, a white woman’s original songs about the ‘Holocaust’ and a white man’s political speech about Jewish power carry harsher penalties than Muslim threats to ‘Kill all Jews’.  Shehroz Iqbal’s convictions and relatively lenient sentencing under the Public Order and Communication Acts demonstrate that whites in Britain are now the underdogs when it comes to judicial rulings on ‘hate crime’.

Anti-white racism is now sanctioned by the State. ‘Equality’ is for everyone except whites. White English indigenous minorities (already the case in towns such as Leicester, Birmingham and London) will never benefit from ‘protected status’ as enjoyed by ethnic minority groups. And when whites increasingly find themselves prosecuted for so-called ‘hate crime’, they can also expect harsher sentences.

July 19, 2018 – Message from Ursula Haverbeck

19. Juli 2018 Botschaft von Frau Ursula Haverbeck

Welch angenehme Tonlage, wenn Frau Haverbeck schreibt. Ich denke täglich an sie, froh denke ich.

Und schön auch ist es, wieder etwas Handfestes von ihr zu vernehmen. .

Wird die Richterin am 12.09. in Hamburg nicht weiter gemäss Seerecht verurteilen?


July 19, 2018 – Message from Ursula Haverbeck

What a pleasant sound when Mrs. Haverbeck writes. I think of her every day, in gladness.

And it’s nice to hear something solid from her again.

Will the woman judge no longer judge according to maritime law on September 12 in Hamburg?

Wird sie Recht sprechen, Frau Haverbeck rehabilitieren und auf freien Fuss setzen?

Ich lasse ihr einen dicken fetten Blumenstrauss schicken, so sie es tut. . Thom Ram, 19.07.06 . .

Verehrte liebe Freunde in aller Welt, bei mir sind auch Frauen Freunde


Will she speak the law, rehabilitate Mrs. Haverbeck and set her free?

I’ll have a big, fat bouquet sent to her when she does. .

Thom Ram July 19

Dear friends all over the world; with me I call women also “friends” (relates to he male/female “friend” being different in the German language.)




Sie alle fragen, wie es mir geht? Gut. Die Zelle geht nach Westen, ich schaue auf grüne Bäume, nun schon 2 Monate lang bei schönstem blauen Himmel und Sonnenschein – oft 30 Grad.

Ich habe viel ungestörte Ruhe und jetzt die Ankündigung eines neuen Prozesses in Hamburg, am Mittwoch, den 12. September ab 9.00 Uhr.

You all ask how I’m doing? All right. The cell faces west; I look at green trees, now already for 2 months with the most beautiful blue sky and sunshine – often 30 degrees Celicius.

I have much undisturbed peace and now there is the announcement of a new trial in Hamburg, on Wednesday, 12 September starting at  9.00 a.m.


Die Richterin schrieb in der Ladung:

„Die Anwesenheit der Angeklagten ist erforderlich zur Wahrheitsfindung“

Das ist ungewöhnlich. Bisher gab es nur die „offenkundige Tatsache“ und wann, wo, wie sie in einer Zeitschrift angeblich geleugnet wurde! Sollte es jetzt wirklich um die Wahrheitsfindung gehen, dann könnte sich manches ändern.


The judge wrote in the summons:

“The presence of the accused is necessary to establish the truth.”

That’s unusual. So far there has only been the “obvious fact” and when and where it was allegedly denied in a magazine! If this should really be about finding the truth, a few things could change.


„Was ist Wahrheit“?, fragte Pilatus einst. Es gibt meine und deine Wahrheit und dann „Die Wahrheit“. Sie ist kein Besitz, es geht für uns zunächst immer um das Bemühen, wahrhaftig zu sein.

Bei Gericht begegnet uns auf Seiten der Anklage und des Richters, nur die Meinung der Siegermächte angelesen und geglaubt. Wie sollen die Nachgeborenen es besser wissen? Auch von den durchschnittlich 2000 Prozessen pro Jahr seit 2000, nach offiziellen Angaben, wird in den Medien die Stimme der Anklage wiedergegeben, aber selten, auch nur andeutungsweise, Äußerungen des Angeklagten.


“What is truth”? Pilate once asked. There is my truth and your truth and then  there is “the truth”. It is not our property, for us it is always a matter of striving to be truthful.

In court we meet on the side of the prosecution and the judge, only the opinion of the victorious powers, read and believed. How are the folks born after the war know better? Of the average of 2,000 trials per year since 2000, according to official figures, the voice of the accusers is represented in the media, but rarely, even only slightly, statements by the accused.

Ich werde mich, so gut ich das, ohne meine Erinnerung noch einmal auffrischen zu können anhand meiner Unterlagen, vorbereiten und hoffe, daß mir eine geistige Macht die richtigen Worte eingibt.

Es ist auch höchste Zeit. Meine Augen lassen nach, mein Hören wird schlechter – alles ganz deutlich in den vergangenen 3 Monaten wahrzunehmen. Der Körper paßt sich dem Alter jetzt an. Er hat sehr lange, dankenswerterweise, alle Überbeanspruchung mitgemacht.


I will prepare myself, as best as I can, without being able to refresh my memory on the basis of my documents, and hope that a spiritual power will give me the right words.

It’s also high time. My eyes are diminishing, my hearing is getting worse – all can be very clearly perceived in the past 3 months. The body now adapts to the age. For a very long time, thankfully, it went along with all the overexertion.


So viele haben mir zugerufen:

„Halte bitte aus, bleibe stark, die Wahrheit wird bald siegen.“

Ich danke allen herzlich. Ihr habt erkannt, es ist ein Geisteskampf, den wir durchstehen müssen.

Das Jahrhundert der Lüge muß endlich einem Jahrhundert der Wahrheit weichen.

So many people called out to me:

“Please endure, remain strong, the truth will soon prevail.”

Thank you all very much. You have realized it is a spiritual battle we must endure.

The “Century of the Lie” must finally give way to a century of truth.


Danke auch für die Idee der Karte: „Es geht um den Preis, den man zu zahlen bereit ist.“

Das hatte der Panoramainterviewer 2015 für ein gutes Schlußwort gehalten und es auch gebracht.

Jetzt könnt Ihr sie mit einer 2. Karte ergänzen mit der Frage, die wir alle an uns selber stellen können:

ohne Bild.

Warum habe ich das so lange mitgemacht?

Eure Ursula Haverbeck

JVA Bielefeld, 13.07.2018


Thank you also for the idea of the card: “It’s about the price you’re willing to pay.”


The Panorama interviewer in 2015 thought this was a good slogan for the conclusion and used it.


Now you can add a second card with the question we can all ask ourselves:


without picture.


Why have I been through this for so long?


Your Ursula Haverbeck


Bielefeld correctional facility, July 13, 2018



Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !

Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !
Accueil » Actualité » Actualité internationale » Ces femmes contre le « Nouvel Evangile » !


Ursula Haverbeck

Ursula Haverbeck, « la grande dame allemande », est, depuis avant-hier, incarcérée à la suite de sa condamnation à deux ans de prison ferme. Dans six mois, le 11 novembre 2018, elle aura 90 ans. Elle est arrière-grand-mère.

Elle était sous surveillance médicale. Son avocat avait sollicité un report de sa date d’incarcération. Mais de bonnes et belles personnes, notamment à l’étranger, avaient protesté et exigé une incarcération sans plus de délai.

Il faut dire que la coupable avait commis un crime affreux contre la plus vraie et la plus vivace des religions du monde, la Religion de l’Holocauste.

Michele Renouf

La Nazi-Oma (Grand-mère Nazie) avait proclamé qu’elle ne croyait pas à l’existence, durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, des « chambres à gaz nazies ». Elie Wiesel non plus n’y croyait pas ; généralement tenu pour le témoin emblématique de « l’Holocauste » (ou « Shoah »), il ira même, dans ses mémoires, jusqu’à demander qu’on n’en parle plus ; cependant, au moins nous avait-il assuré auparavant dans La Nuit qu’à Auschwitz, si les Allemands tuaient systématiquement les juifs, c’était par le feu dans des fosses ardentes auxquelles, par miracle, il avait personnellement échappé à la dernière minute. D’autres respectables témoins ont attesté de ce que la même extermination se faisait soit par l’électricité, soit par la vapeur d’eau, soit par le gaz cyanhydrique, soit par la chaux vive, soit par le gaz d’échappement de moteurs de camions ou d’un tank et même une fois, à Auschwitz, par le biais d’un essai de bombe nucléaire. Quant au Père Patrick Desbois, dont on ne parle malheureusement plus guère, il croyait soit à « la Shoah par balles » de fusil, soit à « la Shoah par étouffement » « avec des édredons » ou « avec des coussins la nuit » (Porteur de mémoires, Editions Michel Lafon, 2007, p. 306-307).

Monika Schaefer

Ursula Haverbeck fait actuellement partie de tout un ensemble international de femmes qui s’insurgent contre le Nouvel Evangile. Depuis au moins 73 ans, la bonne parole holocaustique nous est enseignée. Dans ces dernières années, elle carillonne à toute volée le matin, à midi, l’après-midi, le soir et la nuit. Mais ces femmes font montre d’une résistance méritoire. Elles se nomment Michèle Renouf, Sylvia Stolz, Maria Poumier, Monika Schaefer, Alison Chabloz, Diane King, Carolyn Yeager ou encore « Didi ». Elles s’appelaient Madame Rassinier, Keltie Zubko ou Barbara Kulaszka. D’autres noms de femmes seraient encore à citer.

Voici trois réactions à l’affaire :

1) La police allemande interpelle une « mamie nazie » en fuite (site d’Europe 1, 7 mai 2018) ;

Alison Chabloz

2) « Sur le front de la répression » (Bocage-Info, diffusion privée par courriel, 8 mai 2018) :

Ursula Haverbeck a été arrêtée et placée en détention le 7 mai 2018 à 13h30. Ursula Haverbeck espérait fêter son 90e anniversaire au mois de novembre en compagnie de sa famille et de ses amis, mais les sicaires de la police de la pensée en ont décidé autrement.

L’arrière-grand-mère allemande a gagné le respect de ses compatriotes et l’estime des chercheurs indépendants du monde entier pour ses enquêtes opiniâtres sur la fraude liée à l’Holocauste. Le régime allemand, qui est fortement impliqué dans l’escroquerie, a condamné la courageuse investigatrice à deux ans de prison ferme pour avoir enquêté sur les procès-verbaux des Alliés sur les conditions dans les camps d’internement pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Ursula Haverbeck est surnommée la « grand-mère nazie » par les médias du Système.  William Colby, ancien directeur de la CIA, et le Dr Udo Ulfkotte, ancien rédacteur en chef de la Frankfurter Allgemeine, étaient impliqués dans ces recherches. Les deux hommes sont morts dans des circonstances mystérieuses. Condamnée une nouvelle fois l’année dernière, Frau Haverbeck avait eu le temps de se préparer car elle ne s’était pas présentée à la prison de Bielefeld mercredi 2 mai, où elle devait être détenue, probablement jusqu’à ce que mort s’ensuive.

Maria Poumier

Un membre du comité juif d’un prétendu groupe de survivants de l’Holocauste qui s’appelle le Comité international d’Auschwitz a déclaré : « Il faut faire pression pour que la police la retrouve ». Le journal local Westfalen-Blatt a rapporté que la maison de Vlotho dans le centre de l’Allemagne où résidait Ursula Haverbeck semblait vide ces derniers jours, le courrier s’empilant devant la porte. La chasse à l’homme (sic) déclenchée pour retrouver une femme âgée coupable de réfléchir risque de se retourner contre les profiteurs de l’industrie de l’Holocauste. Dans une enquête récente, les deux tiers des gens ont déclaré qu’ils étaient excédés par les revendications incessantes et déplacées des profiteurs de ce système pervers : Holohoax heroine on the run.

3) Une révisionniste allemande de 89 ans jetée en prison (vidéo réalisée par Vincent Reynouard, 9 mai 2018).



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An 89-year-old woman, who humiliated the German regime by successfully detecting holocaust related fraud, was recently re-arrested. See Holohoax Heroine on the Run

! Haverbeck on Truth

In November, Ursula Haverbeck will celebrate her 90th birthday in a German prison cell. The sprightly grandmother is to serve a two-year term without parole in prison merely for stating an opinion that is supported by acclaimed academics worldwide.


Meanwhile, distressed Germans are well aware that those described erroneously by corporate media as refugees are repeatedly released without charge or with slap on the wrist taxpayer-funded fines for serious crimes such as rape and murder.

The charges against the nonagenarian specifically relate to the fraud investigator’s insistence that Auschwitz was never a death camp but an industrial and agricultural complex.

Ursula good quote

Jewish researcher Joseph Ginsburg asks a pertinent question: “Why then are they, the Israelis (and German regime), obstructing all honest research into the six million questions? All statistics will so long be controversial until world Jewry and Zionism will be willing to present to the public exact official statistics of the losses.  The roadblock to research is due to the fact that from six million dead, one can extract far more reparations than from say 6,000.”

Wisdom Knows Hussein

In fact, such deaths as did occur at Auschwitz and elsewhere, in towns and villages too, were suffered only near the war’s end and following Germany’s defeat as a consequence not of German action but by Allied air raids.

Many dissident historians regard the death toll as being exclusively the responsibility of the Allies whose carpet bombing, even after Germany’s military defeat, continued to cause violent death and suffering as consequence of typhus, starvation and similar diseases that can be attributed to the Allied carpet bombing. In effect, the victors are shifting shame and responsibility for their war crimes on the peoples of defeated Germany.

Ursula 3

Many hundreds of protesters, primarily from the Die Rechte party, rallied in the city of Bielefeld calling for the release of Ursula Haverbeck. A small counter-protest was also held and two police officers suffered minor injuries after clashing with the Communist George Soros funded Antifa counter-protesters.

Strength of feeling against the Merkel regime is running high. Since the demonstration took place during the working week, many could not attend, but the response of solidarity from around Germany alone for this demo was over 2.1 million. It did not include the support messages from neighbouring European countries.

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  • The picture of her with someone — her father? — in the uniform of a “Major der Infanterie” of the “Heer” is strange… unless the outfit which she is wearing is not a wedding dress, but a First Communion robe, maybe?… She was born in 1928… a First Communion around 1943 would be just plausible…

    But this point put aside; when you see this Lady delivering her addresses such as the splendid one of September 2015, this ‘Freifrau’ has an Athenian beauty: the beauty of the Naked Truth.

    Now look closely at our rodents… they can do what they want… They are ugly (poor souls!).
    Very much what the French call “avoir le physique de l’emploi” (to look the part) but in a very nasty connotation.

Finally, some Germans speaking up for Ursula Haverbeck! May it be the beginning of a resurgence of protest in that beleaguered country.

Finally, some Germans speaking up for Ursula Haverbeck! May it be the beginning of a resurgence of protest in that beleaguered country.


An 89-year-old woman, dubbed the “Nazi Grandma,” was arrested on Monday and taken to prison to serve her two-year sentence for holocaust denying. Specifically, she suggested that the notorious Auschwitz concentration camp was a “work camp” and was not used for systematic extermination.

Hundreds of protesters, primarily from the Die Rechte party, rallied in the city of Bielefeld, west Germany, on Thursday, calling for the release of Ursula Haverbeck, according to Deutsche Welle.

A counter-protest, consisting of around 600 campaigners, was also held. Two police officers suffered minor injuries after clashing with the leftwing counter-protesters.

Last October, Haverbeck was convicted for eight counts of incitement and launched a failed appeal bid. She didn’t turn up to prison by her designated deadline (April 23) to begin serving her sentence, prompting police to arrest her at home and transport her to prison on May 7.

The “Nazi Grandma” has been convicted of similar offenses, incurring fines for her comments, but this is the first time she has been imprisoned.

Haverback said, in a trial in 2015, that the Auschwitz facility is “not historically proven” to an extermination camp, claiming “this is only a belief.”