YOUR WARD NEWS Challenges Constitutionality of Minister’s Power to Censor Unconventional Opinions by Revoking Mailing Rights

YOUR WARD NEWS Challenges Constitutionality of Minister’s Power to Censor Unconventional Opinions by Revoking Mailing Rights

The article was much better. They give Lisa Kinsella way too much time to
talk and they cut off our lawyer …

Men banned from using Canada Post

The editor and publisher of a controversial publication have been banned from using the mail service by the minister responsible for Canada Post, and they’re…
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York University Promises B’nai Brith to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS on Campus

York University Promises B’nai Brith to Ban YOUR WARD NEWS on Campus

YOUR WARD NEWS is a scrappy satirical newspaper with over 300,000 copies per issue which is published in the East End of Toronto. Its stiletto cartoons and articles target the politically correct like the radical environmentalists, Ontario’s free spending lesbian premier Wynne, local leftist politicians, Black Lives Matter, and two of its most determined critics, Liberal Party attack dog Warren Kinsella, and Ottawa lawyer, Richard Warman. The radical left has, over the past several years, done everything to shut them down. Their windows at their Main St. office have been broken repeatedly. There have been numerous complaints to the Toronto Police Service “hate squad” (the thought police) and there  is an ongoing investigation as to whether to charge them for publishing “hate” against privileged minorities. Complaints were made to Canada Post. The local of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers, at one point in 2015t, refused to deliver the papers because the “hate” was too hot for their prissy fingers. Then, Richard Warman, a champion complaint filer, complained  to the Canadian Human Rights Commission against Canada Post which continued to deliver the paper. Last June, Canada’s Newfie Minister of Supply and Procurement Judy Foote, took away editor Dr. James Sears’ mailing rights. That totalitarian move (yes, in Canada, not North Korea) is now being appealed.
The latest assault on the embattled tabloid, Canada’s most spirited satirical publication since the demise of Frank Magazine, came as York University hopped to it when B’nai Brith complained and promised to ban distribution of the tabloid on campus. A November 3 statement from B’nai Brith gloated: “York University has vowed to stop the circulation of Your Ward News – a publication deemed by various human rights groups as anti-semitic, racist and homophobic – after copies of it were widely distributed on York’s Keele campus.   A spokesperson at the York University President’s Office told B’nai Brith Canada that it ‘will take appropriate steps to ensure that this publication is not being distributed or delivered to locations on campus.’ B’nai Brith alerted the York administration after copies of Your Ward News were found on official newsstands scattered throughout the Keele campus, including the Lassonde School of Engineering and the Central Square Complex.”On so many levels, the York Administration’s decision is disappointing and pathetic. Even if YWN were “anti-semitic, racist and homophobic”, so what? These are terms of abuse by those who don’t like to be criticized. These are political points of view. A university should be a forum for discussion and debate about ideas not a politically correct indoctrination factory, as many White students say York has become. The lack of commitment of the university to freedom of the press or the marketplace of ideas is scandalous.
The B’nai Brith statement insists YWN ” ‘has no legitimacy as a news publication, there is no reason for it to be distributed on campuses,’ said Amanda Hohmann, National Director of B’nai Brith’s League for Human Rights. ‘We are glad to see that York University has taken the appropriate step of removing it, and freeing up space to display legitimate publications of value for the student body.’” The arrogant thought police at B’nai Brith insist on determining who is a “legitimate” news publication. And, sadly, York University has bent to this outside pressure group. [However, exactly what “appropriate” (there’s that politically correct catch-all term) measures can be used to stop distribution on campus, no one seems to know.] I was recently interviewed as part of Global News’s smear attack on Evalion  (See  story above.) Interviewer Christina Stevens asked why it should be important to identify who is a Jew. Evalion did a video offering her thoughts on that issue. I said it was important as the Jewish lobby, as opposed to some individual Jews, regularly seeks to restrict the rights of other Canadians to talk. This being a case in point, You don’t hear of Italians or Icelanders lobbying for restrictions on free speech
As if to make my point, the B’nai Brith statement boasts:  “York University, which has a large Jewish student population, has been roiled by allegations of anti-semitism for years. In September, York dismissed lab technician Nikolaos Balaskas after B’nai Brith exposed his anti-semitic posts on social media.” So, after B’nai Brith went whining to the York Administration about the political views of one their employees, the poor wretch was promptly fired. This is not satirical but the chutzpah would be worthy of YWN‘s zany writers, B’nai Brith actually bills itself as practising “grass roots human rights advocacy”. Well, only if “human rights” does not include freedom of speech and freedom of the press. — Paul Fromm

York U Vows to Stop Circulation of Antisemitic Publication

Screenshot of Your Ward News

Brian Ruhe & Dr. James Sears at Canadian Association of Freedom of Expression in Toronto

Brian Ruhe & Dr. James Sears at Canadian Association of Freedom of Expression in Toronto

Brian Ruhe is a Buddhist truth activist, occasional troublemaker and president of the . Brian was fired from teaching at Capilano University because of these videos. Please donate to support these videos and his work by going to his website at linked on this YouTube channel and click on the PayPal Donate button. Even the smallest donation helps!

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Brian Ruhe is a Buddhist truth activist, occasional troublemaker and president of the . Brian was fired from teaching at Capilano University…

Warman Tries to Shut Down YOUR WARD NEWS Website

Warman Tries to Shut Down YOUR WARD NEWS Website

TORONTO, July 4, 2016. It might have been Independence Day in the U.S., but here in soft tyranny Canada, the forces of thought suppression are very active.
Dr. James Sears, editor of YOUR WARD NEWS, recently  rendered a non-person — not allowed top send or receive mail — under an arbitrary temporary order imposed by Public Services Minister Judy Foote, now finds the website of his controversial and satirical YOUR WARD NEWS under attack.
“Today, I was told our web host received a letter from Richard Warman demanding that they shut us down or face some sort of legal action. I’ll be meeting with the owners and discussing this later this week,” he told CAFE.
Frederick Fromm's photo.
“For all the chatter about ‘inclusiveness’ and ‘diversity’, the forces of political correctness insist on Maoist conformity to the pc party line. No diversity of opinion for them. Warman’s latest assault on free speech — he’s the chief complainer whose actions led to Judy Foote’s police state shutdown of mail service to a publication that has never been charged much less convicted of anything. It’s shut down first, have a hearing later,” says Paul Fromm, Director of the Canadian Association for Free Expression.
“We were a healthier more mature nation 50 years ago,” he add. “Before the tyranny of political correctness and cultural Marxism, Canadians could disagree. We might have radically different ideas. We’d say: ‘I totally disapprove of what you say, but you have the right to say it.’ However, today’s thought control advocates say, ‘I don’t approve of your views and you should not be allowed to express them nor should others be allow to read them,” he adds.
“It’s a sick form of  prune-faced Puritanism.”

Paul Fromm — Free Speech in Justin Trudeau’s Soft Dictatorship

Paul Fromm — Free Speech in Justin Trudeau’s Soft Dictatorship

The Canada Canadian Association for Free Expression Proudly Presents
Paul Fromm

Director, Canada First Immigration Reform Committee

Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award,

Free Speech in Justin Trudeau’s Soft Dictatorship

· Kicked off Parliament Hill

· YOUR WARD NEWS editor & publisher banned from sending or receiving mail

· Supremos Won’t Hear McCorkill Case (bequests to groups whose views are “contrary to public policy” vulnerable)

· The transgendered and sexually screwed up – yet another group you soon will not be able to criticize.



Here is my letter on behalf of CAFE to Public Services Minister Judy Foote — in charge of Canada Post. Please mail, FAX or e-mail her your own view supporting Dr. James Sears’ right to freedom of speech. Her contact information is at the bottom of this letter.

I have also included the e-mails of all MPs. You might wish to bcc them a copy of your letter.

Paul Fromm,



Canadian Association for Free Expression

Box 332,

Rexdale, Ontario, M9W 5L3

Ph: 905-566-4455; FAX: 905-566-4820


Paul Fromm, B.Ed, M.A. Director


June 7, 2016


The Hon. Judy Foote,

Minister of Public Services,

House of Commons,

Ottawa, ON.,

K1A 2A6


Dear Ms Foote:


I was appalled to learn that you have served YOUR WARD NEWS editor Dr. James Swears and publisher Leroy St. Germaine.


The Interim Prohibitory Order makes the editor and publishers non-persons. They may neither send nor receive mail,


The relevant section of the Canada Post Corporation Act states:

(3) Subject to subsection (4), while an interim or final prohibitory order is in effect, the Minister may

  • (a)detain or return to the sender any mail addressed to, or anything posted by, the person affected;

This totalitarian penalty is imposed because, on “reasonable grounds” , the Minister believes YOUR WARD NEWS is violating Sec. 319 (“hate law”) or the defamatory libel section 300.


However, no such charges have been laid against YOUR WARD NEWS, and, needless to say, no convictions registered,


Furthermore, even if there had been convictions for previous issues, each issue of the paper is different. I think Sec. 43-46 of the Act over-reach and, in this instance, deny the victims natural justice.


Canada Post must not act as a censor. The Interim Prohibitory Order violates the principles of English Common law where one is presumed INNOCENT, until PROVEN guilty. YOUR WARD NEWS is brash and satirical. It gores sacred cows and upsets many. That’s freedom of speech. Outraged people who don’t like it should chuck it in the garbage.


There should be no right in Canada not to be offended.


Hoping that you will rethink, stand up to the thought-police lobby and rescind this order, I remain,


Sincerely yours,




Paul Fromm



HON. JUDY FOOTE, Minister of Public Service

11 Laurier Street Place du Portage, Phase III, Floor 18A1 Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0S5

House of CommonsOttawa, OntarioCanadaK1A 0A6Telephone: 613-992-8655

Fax: 613-992-5324,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Inheritance Rights Attacked: McCorkill Case Lost

Inheritance Rights Attacked: McCorkill Case Lost
Paul Fromm explains how free speech and property rights took another hit at the hands of the Supreme Court of Canada in not hearing an appeal in the McCorkill inheritance and free speech case, which he discussed in previous videos with the host, Brian Ruhe. Paul is Director, Canadian Association for Free Expression and Winner of the George Orwell Free Speech Award, 1994.
Donations to offset CAFE’s legal costs can be sent by PayPal to
Paul Fromm explains how they lost the McCorkill inheritance and free speech case, which he discussed in previous videos with the host, Brian Ruhe. Paul is Di…

Donations to offset CAFE’s legal costs can be sent by PayPal to





Dear Minister Foote:

To ensure that there are witnesses to this correspondence, I have BCC’d
everyone involved in this matter or that should be involved, including
members of the media.  I have cc’d my Member of Parliament so that he
keeps on top of you to ensure you move on the matter expeditiously.  I
have also cc’d my Publisher so that you know I have his permission to act
on his and the paper’s behalf.  Anyone on this correspondence may share
any part of it.

Firstly, since you have issued the Orwellian order of prohibiting me and
my Publisher from using the mail even for personal correspondences (see
attached letter from you) we must correspond with you by email.
Furthermore, I have not been served with the attached letter as of yet; it
was forwarded to me by Canada Post a few hours ago, as a courtesy.  They
were kind enough to refund the almost $40K we had already paid for the
305,000 piece mailing of Your Ward News starting this week.  My letter
carrier came to my door with your letter today, but refused to give it to
me, saying that you had requested a “card” be issued, and I be made to
pick it up at the post office tomorrow (delay tactic).  I do not
understand why a letter signed by you on May 26, 2016, with a 10 day time
limitation on it, has still not been officially sent to me, causing me to
incur printing costs over the weekend that could have been avoided (if it
came even one business day earlier, our papers would not have gone to
press).  If Canada Post had not forwarded their copy to me today, I would
still be unaware of your treacherous violation of my free speech rights.

Secondly, as Editor-In-Chief of Your Ward News, I am officially
requesting, in writing, for a Board of Review of your illegal order
blocking distribution of Your Ward News.  You have violated the Charter of
Rights under multiple sections, and you should be ashamed of yourself!
You may communicate with me by email from this point forward as to when
the date of said hearing will take place.  To expedite matters, you can
download a copy of the latest edition of Your Ward News here, which as you
can see is perfectly legal and harmless (please pass along information
from page 2 on my wrestling debut in Montreal) …

Thirdly, I am putting you on notice that you have libelled me and the
entire Your Ward News staff through the spreading criminal falsehoods
about us, by stating that you believe we are violating up to two sections
of the criminal code.  Furthermore, you have exacerbated said libel by
stating that we are criminals of the kind so heinous that we deserve even
our personal mailing rights stripped, with no trial … guilty until we
prove ourselves innocent.  I was not aware that Canada is now under
Napoleonic law.

Please advise me ASAP as to the date on which your “Board Of Review” will
take place, keeping in mind that if the Summer 2016 edition of Your Ward
News is not delivered ASAP, it will be stale-dated; and also keeping in
mind that we are now incurring daily storage costs for said order of
newspapers; and also keeping in mind that Canada Post has a monopoly on
delivery of mail to apartment mailboxes, and if we have not been convicted
of any crime, we will be seeking a court injunction to strike down Canada
Post’s monopoly, and have keys to said mail boxes issued to us so that we
may distribute said papers ourselves.

Please govern yourself accordingly!


Dr. James Sears
Founder and Leader
New Constitution Party of Canada

Marcus Gee of the Globe and Mail Gives A Ringing Endorsement of Free Speech for YOUR WARD NEWS

Marcus Gee of the Globe and Mail Gives A Ringing Endorsement of Free Speech for YOUR WARD NEWS

Inline image 2



Postal censorship is a cure worse than the disease


The Globe and Mail

Last updated 

Canadians who value free speech – and let’s hope that is all of us – should be deeply troubled by Ottawa’s decision to tell Canada Post to stop carrying a fringe Toronto newspaper. Public Services Minister Judy Foote ordered the postal service to cease delivering Your Ward News, which has been accused of being anti-Semitic and pro-Nazi. Her “interim prohibitory order” gives its editor 10 days to appeal.

Those who have campaigned against the free paper are “ecstatic.” But consider the awful precedent this act of postal censorship sets.

If people who are offended by something that appears in their mailbox can complain and get it banned from the post, where does it stop? Can a pro-choice feminist block the graphic pro-life pamphlet that comes in the mail? Can a fierce pro-lifer ban a flier from an abortion clinic? Or consider the feelings of the victim of East European communism who gets a Marxist tract in the mail? Why should an agency of the government that her taxes support be allowed to introduce that propaganda into her home?

This is the trouble with just about all limits on free speech. Who says what is beyond the pale? Deciding to block child pornography or open incitement to violence is easy enough, because of the direct physical harm they can be shown to cause. After that, it gets tricky.

Someone must have the power to determine what is dangerous or odious speech and what is merely passionate expression. It is always a matter of opinion. The line is impossible to draw, the scope for abuse endless.

Even in democratic countries, authorities have often succumbed to the impulse to black out what they don’t like. Communist propaganda was blocked on the grounds that it threatened national security, erotica on the grounds that it undermined public morals. The postal system was once one of the main agents of censorship. A century ago, postal censors blocked mailed instalments of James Joyce’s Ulysses.

Your Ward News is not Ulysses. Its editor, James Sears, who has been known to style himself as Dimitri the Lover, told City News that Hitler is his second-biggest idol, after Jesus. He ends his e-mails “Expel the Parasite!” – all in capital letters, of course. The group that has been fighting him calls his publication a “neo-Nazi-rag” that “has been permitted to disseminate racism, homophobia, misogyny and anti-Semitism to as many as 300,000 homes in Toronto.”

If so, there are a couple of ways to fight back short of censorship. One is simply to toss Your Ward News where it belongs: in the recycling bin. Nobody is forced to read it when it comes in the mail. People like Mr. Sears thrive on the oxygen of attention. Ignoring him is the best revenge.

Another is to argue back. If his opponents feel his maunderings are too despicable to pass over, they can always denounce or refute him. It is always better to fight speech with speech than to gag the speaker.

It is a good time to remember these old lessons about how to handle troublesome speech. Free expression is always under attack to some degree, and the danger seems especially acute today. The little tussle over Your Ward News is part of a wider struggle.

Overseas, authoritarian governments from Moscow to Beijing to Cairo are cracking down on the right to speak openly without fear. Canadians got a small glimpse of their attitude when China’s foreign minister dressed down a reporter in Ottawa for daring to ask a question about human rights. At home, on university campuses and beyond, the tendency to take offence is stifling healthy debate and silencing dissenting voices.

Sometimes those voices can be obnoxious, but it won’t do to try to snuff them out. Ottawa has no business telling the postal service to censor the mail just because some people don’t like what comes through the slot.

Publisher and Editor of YOUR WARD NEWS Stripped of Mail Service

Publisher and Editor of YOUR WARD NEWS Stripped of Mail Service

TORONTO, June 6, 2016. Don’t worry if you’ve never been to North Korea or seen its comic book president Kim-Jong On. You can see the same repressive tyranny in politically correct Ottawa. Of course, there aren’t brutal work camps. Canada is more sophisticated — a soft tyranny, but a tyranny nonetheless.

The apostles of “diversity” and “inclusiveness” have no tolerance for diversity of opinion. Their latest target is a zany East End Toronto satirical paper, Your Ward News. The agitation for silencing this irreverent tabloid has been spearheaded by longtime Liberal Party backroom boy Warren Kinsella and Ottawa lawyer and champion human rights complainant Richard Warman.

The cultural Marxist elite in Ottawa have abandoned traditional procedures of English Common Law, like the quaint belief that one is INNOCENT until proven guilty and that one should not be punished in advance.

On June 6, Your Ward News Editor, Dr. James Sears was informed by Canada Post that Public Services [but not if you’re a dissident] Minister Judy Foote had slapped him with an Interim Prohibitory Order under Sec. 43.1order, essentially forbidding him or Your Ward News Metis publisher Leroy St. Germaine from using the mail for any purpose.

Dr. Sears reports: “Canada Post received a registered letter from Judy Foote, the Member of Parliament in charge of the post office, ordering them to reject delivery of our newspaper (even though they have not yet even seen a copy of it). Every level of government has tried to nail us for “hate crimes” repeatedly but their lawyers kept telling them that we are breaking no laws. Now Judy Foote says we are guilty of “criminal libel” for “publishing lies”. She did not specify which “lies”, but I am sure it is due to the “Holohoax”. We have never been charged with any crimes, let alone convicted!” The Minister, as well, said she had reason to believe Your Ward News contained material in violation of Sec. 319 of the Criminal Code (Canada’s notorious “hate law.”)

It must be emphasized that Your Ward News has never been charged much less convicted of anything.

Dr. Sears did receive his copy of the letter dated May 26 until June 6! ‘[Is this typical of Canada Post’s service?] He has 10 days to seek an appeal of this Prohibitory Order.

“The Canadian Association for Free Expression will be organizing support for Your Ward News to uphold freedom of speech, freedom of the press and full access to the monopolistic and overpriced services taxpayers pay to Canada Post,” said Paul Fromm, CAFÉ Director, from Port Credit, Ontario this afternoon.