Anti-Semitic songwriter, 53, who ‘mocked Anne Frank’ tells court the Holocaust is ‘meaningless’ and insists she’s a ‘revisionist’ not a ‘denier’

  • Alison Chabloz, 53, labelled the Holocaust as the ‘Holohoax’ in one song
  • The blogger arrived at court with fans who supported her from the gallery 
  • She mocks prominent Jewish figures, including Elie Wiesel and Anne Frank
  • Chabloz, from Derbyshire, faces five charges relating at Westminster court 

Alison Chabloz, 53, arrived at court holding flowers and was supported from the public gallery by her followers

Alison Chabloz, 53, arrived at court holding flowers and was supported from the public gallery by her followers

An anti-Semitic song writer told a court today that the holocaust is ‘meaningless’ and the Germans were unfairly blamed for the Second World War.

Alison Chabloz, 53, laughed as she was read lyrics to her songs mocked Jews being fashioned into lampshades, having their heads shrunk and being turned into bars of soap.

The songs, ‘(((Survivors)))’, ‘Nemo’s Anti-Semetic Universe’ and ‘I Like It How It Is’ are said to go beyond the right to free speech in that they caused gross offence.

Some were performed live at the London Forum, while others were played for the camera, but all were uploaded to the internet.

In one number she mocks prominent Jewish figures including Nobel Peace Prize winner Elie Wiesel and Anne and Otto Frank to the tune of a traditional Jewish song.

Chabloz was asked by prosecutor, Karen Robinson, whether she denied the holocaust.

‘Deny the holocaust? I am sorry I do not understand this term.

‘Who can deny the holocaust? It is a term that is meaningless in itself.’

Chabloz, seen arriving at court, describes herself as a Holocaust 'revisionist' and raises questions about the validity of the Holocaust

Chabloz, seen arriving at court, describes herself as a Holocaust ‘revisionist’ and raises questions about the validity of the Holocaust

Ms Robinson said: ‘In your police interview you made a distinction between holocaust denial and revisionism.’

Chabloz said: ‘You can call it holocaust denial but I prefer holocaust revisionism.

‘I think there should be an official scientific and forensic investigation.

‘I doubt very much that a murder case would be brought to these courts without forensic investigation.

‘It is very unlikely to have been more than a million killed – that is my understanding of having researched the information available.

‘Certainly a million – perhaps more – but until there is an official forensics investigation…

‘It is impossible to assess that the gas chambers actually existed to kill human beings without evidence it is impossible to affirm that the supposed murder took place.

‘There is absolutely no doubt that those taken to concentration camps suffered great tragedy, taken away from family and home.

‘As the war years continued and got harder for everybody and we see the allied bombing of the German infrastructure – why would they not bomb the concentration camps?

‘A disproportionate amount of blame was put on the Germans by the victors. The victors got to write history. It was a war – everybody suffered.

She arrived at court holding onto flowers and was followed into court by some of her supporters

She arrived at court holding onto flowers and was followed into court by some of her supporters

‘I would say that the so-called holocaust has been used to sustain the criminal state of Israel – it is used as a foundation myth.

‘By sending school children on trips to Auschwitz and inculcating them into believing in the gas chambers, the so-called holocaust is used as a weapon to prevent nationalistic feeling amongst European people.

‘It’s about furthering the globalist agenda.

‘It is certainly a topic worthy of investigation and of intelligent debate and discussion.’

Much of the questioning revolved around historical rather than legal argument as Ms Robinson tried to pin down Chabloz on her anti-semitism.

In one of her songs Chabloz jokes that if six million Jews had been killed that would not have been a bad thing.

Ms Robinson questioned Chabloz on her police interview where she said, ‘My grandfather certainly didn’t fight for our towns and cities to be taken over by non-whites and non-Christians.’

Chabloz told her, ‘It’s my right to express those views.’

Ms Robinson said: ‘This is not an unqualified right – one cannot send material or matter on the internet which is grossly offensive.’

Chabloz retorted, ‘But it depends for whom doesn’t it, because there are plenty of parodies of Christian music that say Jesus was gay or that he must have been born by a donkey.

‘It is concerning that where I live, my people I love, my race, that we will become an ethnic minority.’

Ms Robinson told her, ‘The views you have expressed are anti-Semitic and racist.

‘You said of the white race, “It breaks my heart to see that disappearing.”

‘That is nothing more than racism.’

At which point there was loud booing from the public gallery and Chabloz’s barrister, Adrian Davies, rose to speak.

‘Now the witness is being treated much as a heretic during the inquisition, she is entitled to any political view that she wishes,’ Mr Davies said.

‘The example of the well known case of the street preachers who preach in the street that homosexuality is wrong – they are perfectly entitled to express that view so long as they are not being grossly offensive.

Chabloz, seen arriving at court today, denied the charges in October, claiming she was being silenced by the 'UK Jewish lobby'

Chabloz, seen arriving at court today, denied the charges in October, claiming she was being silenced by the 'UK Jewish lobby'

Chabloz, seen arriving at court today, denied the charges in October, claiming she was being silenced by the ‘UK Jewish lobby’

‘It is not a crime in England to say that no Jews died at the hands of the Germans – it is a perfectly lawful position – it is therefore, not relevant to interrogate the witness about her opinions.’

The Crown must prove that Chabloz has caused ‘gross’ offence, Mr Davies believes that the statute is poorly set out.

Chabloz says that her songs provoke a ‘range of reactions’ and although some are ‘close to the bone,’ it is no fault of hers if someone chooses to be offended.

She cited a recent music video on YouTube by the black rapper Xxxtencion where he is seen to lynch a white child and the disparity in public outrage.

Chabloz is represented by Adrian Davies, who defended infamous historian and holocaust denier David Irving in 2001 at the Court of Appeal following his failed libel case against Deborah Lipstadt.

Chabloz, of Moss Croft, Town Lane, Glossop, Derbyshire, denies five counts of sending obscene material by public communication networks at Westminster Magistrates’ Court.

The charges centre on whether embedding the hyperlink to the footage constitutes as sending, and if her songs were grossly offensive.

She was bailed ahead of final submissions on 14 May and a verdict will be given on 25 May.

Today is DAY 58 of Monika Schaefer’s loss of freedom: Updates on Monika Schaefer & Alison Chabloz

Today is DAY 58 of Monika Schaefer’s loss of freedom: Updates on Monika Schaefer & Alison Chabloz
Write to Monika at the following NEW address:
Monika Schaefer
Stadelheim Prison
Stadelheimer Straße
81549 Munich


Dear Reader & Supporter of Free Speech,
Alison Chabloz, musician, singer and song writer, is fighting for her freedom and the freedom of all Truth Revealers who are being hunted and harassed by the Jewish juggernaut out to enslave us all. She needs our support, both morally and financially, as she battles these psychopaths. Do what you can to help her out.
Mehr Licht!
Arthur Topham
Publisher & Editor
The Radical Press
“Digging to the issues since 1998”

How I managed to recruit the enemy and claim victory

March 2, 2018
By Alison Chabloz

My YouTube channel is now no longer available in the UK –  presumably the same applies in other European ‘free, democratic’ states. I’m told that a well-meaning message appears when trying to access my videos: ‘This channel is no longer available, you can unsubscribe here’.

Ah well. I guess I should consider myself lucky that my channel does at least still exist everywhere else – unlike Richie Allen’s.

My critics are certainly spending vast amounts of time, energy and money trying to silence me.

But not all of them!

180302 tower

I am reliably informed that one of my most tenacious and dedicated detractors, fishwife Ambrosine aka Amanda from Finchley, has been promoting my work on Twitter and is even considering a trip next month to Blackpool (renamed Schwarzbad for the occasion) to hear me sing accompanied by one of her überjüdin pals. Well, hardly überjüdin – more like halbwenigejüdin. It seems both their mothers were Roman Catholics. Zwei Halbwenigerjüden fahren nach Schwarzbad. For book/movie rights please contact DizzyHazbara in East Finchley.

Questions arise as to whether Ambro will turn up wearing a hijab. Probably unwise, considering the political nationalist leaning of the Schwarzbad event. Ambro’s halbwenigejüdin pal is aptly named ‘Never Again’. Here, further questions arise as to whether their respective mothers similarly regretted les liaisons judeuses juteuses from which sprang forth des métisses malheureuses? Never again without a condom? In Schwarzbad, both luscious lasses might want to join ranks with the lone activist from Preston Antifa who, last time, managed to post one sticker on the wall outside the venue? Nick Lowles would appreciate any help he can get.

Schwarzbad’s very own beefy northern lads security team will make sure there’s no bullshit. But if Ambro and her fellow métisse halbwenigejüdin pal fancy some real northern hospitality, served up with fish, chips, onion rings, a Tower burger and lashings of vodka – all at prices that instantly make Londoners cry out in pain (the Shoah was NOTHING in comparison to the suffering inflicted by London prices) – then they are most welcome.

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet – although on second thoughts why not? – it’s quite a feat to have managed to recruit one’s worst enemy. Much to her chagrin and despite her urge to see me play live, Ambro reckons my Schwarzbad gigs are proof I shall not be ‘going down’. No doubt more to come on this rather fabulous development in future blogs.

Speaking of which, next Wednesday March 7th I am once again back in court – for singing satirical songs which must be censored at all costs – except when tweeted by Ambro.

‘Chabloz mouthed the words to her songs from inside the dock,’ lied the press in unison. The press now labels me a ‘self-proclaimed revisionist’! The list goes on: ‘Holocaust denier’ (hark the squelching of (((editors))) and other (((lobbyists))) pleasuring themselves in anticipation of being able to add ‘convicted’ as an adjective before the improper noun); the labelling of yours truly continues – ‘anti-Semite’, ‘blogger’, – ANYTHING GOES!  Except of course ‘musician’ or ‘artist’.

Describing me by my actual profession as confirmed by a HEM (Haute Ecole de Musique) diploma from Lausanne Conservatoire (2004), 12 years secondary music teaching, countless years in local rep, ditto as a solo performer, member of various bands and three cruise ship seasons would be far too truthful a term for journos trained in the art of lies and dissimulation. The only mainstream article to ever describe me as an ‘artist’ was published by The Times of Israel in 2015!  This fact alone, in my opinion, tells us everything we need to know about the (((British press))).

So, how should alleged gross offence caused by my songs be judged in comparison to, say, Progressive Christmas Carols by the ‘group’ Paint ? Jesus was gay..? If I am found guilty on Wednesday, then grossly offended Christians surely would be equally entitled to cite Section 127 of the UK Communications Act? I see it all now: Archbishop Welby using his unelected position in the House of Lords to vociferously condemn the denigration of true, Christian values…? Oh no wait. Instead, Welby speaks at a ‘Holocaust’ memorial event, urging his peers to condemn my songs for heresy.

‘But she uses Jewish tunes in her songs!’ they wail. And Paint use Christian tunes. My accusers have lost all grip on reality with this prosecution. Rather than pulling the plug on my music, they’ve helped to create an ever wider audience. Hence, the draconian censorship of my songs and YouTube channel over the past few months.

Locking me in a cell made no difference. Now, they must use unlawful, fraudulent methods to reverse a process which they themselves instigated the day I published (((Survivors))) – June 8 2016. ‘Though I say it myself, it is a brilliant song. Just three weeks after publication on YouTube (now over 40k views!), Elie Wiesel dropped dead. OK, he already had one foot in the grave. Nevertheless, my song is the accomplishment of a lifetime. Few others could boast as much.

If a precedent is set in my case, then it will be a free-for-all. It will be enough for snowflakes to simply stamp their feet and summon the sirens. Handcuffs obligent along with prolonged custodial detention for alleged do re mi terrorism offences (- so do mi in the case of ‘Lord’ Janner’s associates)

Happily, for now, areas of the Internet still provide welcome relief from Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc. One such safe space is Jan Lamprecht’s HistoryReviewed.Com. Some may argue that Jan is an ‘extremist’. Having listened to Jan more than I’ve listened to any other YouTuber (now banned like Richie), I can say that he’s no more of an extremist than Jeremy Clarkson, although to my knowledge, Clarkson is the only one of the two who’s actually thrown punches.

A couple of weeks ago, Jan and I had a marathon two-hour Skype conversation which he’s now uploaded to HistoryReviewed.com as a three-part video series. The same evening, I was a guest on the Daily Kenn livestream which you can find on YouTube. My bail conditions prevent me from sharing the actual links. You’ll have to use a search engine.

This coming Saturday i.e. tomorrow, I will again be a guest on Dennis ‘the Fetch’ Fetcho’s Inside The Eye Live! from 4 pm UK time. The last time Dennis and I spoke was in November 2016, the day before I was arrested when my legal troubles began.

Next Monday 5.30 pm UK time, you’ll be able to hear all about the upcoming second day of my trial during my chat with Sven Longshanks on Radio Aryan’s The Daily Nationalist.

See you Wednesday if not before. Same time and place as usual: Westminster Magistrates Court, Marylebone Road, London, 9.30 am. Nearest tube/train Edgware Road / Marylebone. If you’re unable to make it but would like to leave a small donation, you can find links on the right hand side bar to my PayPal account and BitCoin wallet.

Thanks to all have donated and helped me over the past year and a half. Onwards to victory!





Alison Chabloz, English singer & satirist on trial for her songs, interviewed on THE DAILY KENN by Charles Edwards, Paul Fromm, David Gaharry & Kenn Gividen.




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English singer,  Alison Chabloz,  on trial for satirizing holocaust survivors
tales greeted by supporters  outside London Court, January 10, 2018

Reflections on the Chabloz Case

Reflections on the Chabloz Case

Nick Kollerstrom PhD


I’ll sing my way to court in high heels and a frock
Give the press a winning smile from inside the dock…
      Alison Chabloz song, Find me guilty

Mr Gideon Falter, 34, who runs the Campaign Against Antisemitism (CAAS) was the chief witness for the Crown Prosecution service’s (CPS) against the British minstrel Alison Chabloz. On January 10th at Marylebone Magistrate’s Court we heard him swear the oath, to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. He then proceeded to give the court various hearsay conjectures, about what effect Ms Chabloz’ songs might be exerting, upon unspecified persons.

He averred for example that they were ‘spreading anti-semitic hatred’ and were ‘inciting to racial hatred.’ The Court was not given evidence for this,[1]nor advised where or in whom these emotions were being generated. Should he not have called witnesses to testify in support of these conjectures, or better still a psychologist to affirm that they were or had been generated?

The Court was advised of one offensive performance by Ms Chabloz, where she sang her songs ‘(((Survivors))) and ‘Nemo’s anti-Semitic Universe’ namely the London Forum in   2016 (September 24th). A problem here could be the signs of mirth and riotous applause in response to the songs: did this really show what Mr Falter had been alleging, or if not, what did?

She was recently introduced as ‘The brilliant comedienne and singer/songwriter Alison Chabloz,’ by Richie Allen, on his popular radio show (18 January).

The point of satire, is that it makes people laugh. Britain has a long tradition of satire from William Hogarth in the 18th century to Private Eye in the present time. Its future is surely at stake in this trial.

In October of 2017 she was arrested and jailed (or, ‘held in custody’) for 48 hours, for posting a video of herself singing a song. This had allegedly broken her ‘bail conditions’. As Ms Chabloz observed, “As far as I am aware, I am the only artist in modern British history to have been jailed for the heinous crime of composing and singing satirical songs which I uploaded to the Internet.”

We live in a society where just about any sacred belief is liable to be satirised for entertainment value, and those being satirised have not generally sought recourse to legal action. When punk-rock bands savagely mocked the Royal family for example, no-one prosecuted them.

The present case was being brought under the Communications Act of 2003. A degree of public support is said to exist for its controversial section 127,[2]by people fed up with online bullying. For example, a racially motivated tweet relating to a footballer was prosecuted under it. But many have objected to its catch-all character,[3] and the DPP has stated in 2102, that its section 127 ‘should not be seen as a carte blanche for prosecuting content which, however upsetting to some, would normally fall within guarantees of freedom of expression in a democratic society,’ and that freedom of expression should include the right to say things that ‘offend, shock or disturb the state or any sector of the population.’

Last year, at least nine people a day were being arrested in the UK on such dubious grounds. Annoying someone or causing distress has never been viewed as a crime — until now. The Communications Act was basically designed for the media.[4] In contrast, songs posted up on the Web are only heard by persons who choose to listen. One exercises that choice by clicking the ‘play’ button. Ms Chabloz has not ‘communicated’ anything in the sense defined by that Act.

Normally, if a Youtube video is found to be disturbing, a complaint is put through to Youtube, rather than the person who has uploaded it. Now Ms Chabloz’ songs have either been deleted or given protective warnings by Youtube, which further complicates the question, of how and to whom she is supposed to be causing offence.

The Defence lawyer Adrian Davies had suggested at an earlier hearing that his client’s songs might be ‘offensive’ but not ‘grossly offensive,’ and that remark was reiterated by the judge in the present hearing. That is surely so: it’s not as if they were snuff movies, or featured depraved or perverted acts, or personally defamed anyone living — except for one person, Irene Zisblatt who claims that she swallowed diamonds while she was at Auschwitz. The court discussed her case, with Mr Davies pointing out that the official Yad VashemHolocaust centre in Israel had cast doubt upon the veracity of Ms Zisblatt’s story in her book The Fifth Diamond. It features of course ze evil Nazis ripping babies in half, making lampshades out of human skin, etc. Was this not a legitimate target for satire, Mr Davis asked the Court?

Some have commented that British politics would hardly be able to function if a distinction was liable to be made between ‘offensive’ and ‘grossly offensive.’ How is the law supposed to discern such a thing?

Others have wondered if it is really appropriate for the CAAS to be registered as a charity, i.e., a tax-exempt NGO, which goes around suing people. The CPS had not wanted to take this case, but was pressured by the CAAS to do so. That applies both to the pending case of British ‘nationalist’ Jez Turner as well as Ms Chabloz: in both cases the CPS had no inclination to prosecute, but arm-twisting by the CAA made them do it. In fact, the CAA works for a foreign power: its first action upon being founded in 2014 was to intimidate the Trycicle Theatre in Cricklewood so they gave up their BDS policy on Israeli goods. Why should a group specialising in legal intimidation be awarded tax-exempt charity status?

The second witness after Mr Faulter was Stephen Silverman, the CAA’s ‘Director of Investigations and Enforcement.’ Under examination he confirmed that the online character ‘Nemo’ who had been persistently trolling Ms Chabloz, was none other than Stephen Applebaum, the CAAS’s ‘senior volunteer.’ For the last two years she had received some quite intense twitter threats and curses from this character — thus on her website ‘Nemo’ declared: ‘Even if you are acquitted, we will still go after you.’ Earlier, in the first court hearing of this case in December 2016, Mr Silverman admitted that he had been tweeting as ‘Bedlam Jones’ who had likewise been making quite intimidating comments.

So, this is a case that could work a lot better the other way round, with Alison as the innocent injured party and CAA personnel as guilty of harassment and victimisation. Clearly, the CAA needs to be stripped of its charity status.  As a general comment, one can either post envenomed tweets against someone or sue them, but it may be inadvisable to try both.

The case is adjourned until March 7th.

[1] As her lawyer A.D advised the Court, the ‘personal emotional reaction’ of Mr Gideon Falter was ‘entirely irrelevant’ to the case

[2] Section 137: A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a)sends by means of a public electronic communications network,  message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character;

[3] Figures obtained by The Times through the Freedom of Information Actreveal that 3,395 people across 29 forces were arrested last year under section 127 of the Communications Act 2003, which makes it illegal to intentionally “cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety to another”, in 2016′

[4] It aimed ‘to make provision about the regulation of the provision of electronic communications networks and services … to make provision about the regulation of broadcasting and of the provision of television and radio services, etc.

Jewish Free Speech Activist Brings Plight of Alison Chablox & Monika Schaefer to Meeting of Ann Arbor City Council

Jewish Free Speech Activist Brings Plight of Alison Chablox & Monika Schaefer to Meeting of Ann Arbor City Council

Henry Herskovitz is an active Jewish supporter of free speech. Here he addresses the Ann Arbor City Council about free speech martyrs Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer.

City Council Meeting from 1/16/18

and fast forward to 00:10:40 to catch the beginning of my talk.g,

I bring to Council’s attention the names of two women, whose stories do not appear in the Ann Arbor News, the New York Times or the Washington Post. They are Alison Chabloz and Monika Schaefer. Alison hails from Great Britain, and Monika is a Canadian citizen. They are united in the fact that both are musicians and both sing satirical verses challenging the truthfulness of Holocaust narratives. Their followings are small, but vociferous and engaged.

Monika Schaefer lives in Jasper, Alberta, and was attending the trial of lawyer Sylvia Stolz in Germany. Stolz is on trial for what the German government falsely labels “Holocaust denial”. During a recess, Monika was apprehended by German authorities and has been held in administrative detention since January 10. The Jewish advocacy group, B’Nai Brith Canada, had filed complaints against Monika with the German government, and appears to be taking credit for her detention there.

Alison Chabloz lives in Derbyshire County, England, and according to the UK Daily mail is accused of calling the gas chambers a ‘hoax’ and has been taken to court “…in what is believed to be the first private prosecution in the UK for anti-Jewish racism.” The private party refers to the Committee Against Anti-Semitism.

Ms. Chabloz hopes to turn the tables: She writes, ” Following previous treatment of me by Derbyshire Constabulary, including six arrests, unwarranted detention and seizure of my property [they are] seemingly … reluctant to carry out any proper investigation into harassment of which I am the victim”.

In regards to knowledge about the Holocaust, Americas appear to lag well behind other western nations. We are not informed about Alison or Monika, nor were we told much during Ernst Zundel’s two trials in Toronto during the 1980’s. We can only speculate as to the reasons for this apparent blackout, but with Council’s permission, I’d like to paraphrase Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller :

First, they came for America’s white nationalists, and I did not speak out – Because I was not a white nationalist.

Then they came for the anti-Israel activists, and I did not speak out – Because I supported Jewish Supremacism in Palestine.

Then they came for they came for the Revisionists, and I did not speak out – Because I was ignorant of Revisionism.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

Thank you

My Censors Are the Real ‘Holocaust Deniers’ — Alison Chabloz

My Censors Are the Real ‘Holocaust Deniers’ — Alison Chabloz


Looking back over the past 12 months, it’s hard to describe my year as being anything other than eventful. Thank you to all my followers, readers and donors – your support has enabled me to continu…

Jewish Leader Gideon Falter Promises Ruin to Those Who Criticize Jews & Other Privileged Minorities

Jewish Leader Gideon Falter Promises Ruin to Those Who Criticize Jews & Other Privileged Minorities
 Alison Chabloz is an English chanteuse and satirist. On January 10, 2018, she faces criminal charges in London, England for communicating, via the public airwaves (You Tube) “grossly offensive material”; namely, satirical songs about people like Eli Wiesel.
She was charged privately by Gideon Falter and the well-funded and well connected Campaign Against Anti-Semitism. The Crown saw no merit when first approached but, after private charges were laid, took on the case. Alison’s is a crucial case as the forces of censorship seek to shut down on-line criticism that crosses the subjective and foggy line of being “grossly offensive”
The words of Falter — seeking the total ruination of those who criticize privileged minorities are chilling. Take these Zionists, who shout loudest about “hate” but who are themselves vicious haters, very seriously.
I know from personal experience. A 6-year campaign by Canadian Jewish groups culminated in my firing as an English instructor after a 25 year career where I had been hailed by my Director of Education as “an exemplary teacher”. My sins? My opposition to this country;s immigration policies and my support for free speech — on my own time, off school property. They sought my impoverishment and the ruin of my family. It is all out war with the forces of censorship and tyranny. 
Read Alison’s report below.
Paul Fromm
Alison Chabloz added 2 new photos.

Excerpts from Gideon Falter’s latest whine in the Jewish Chronicle. My comments in (brackets).

“We must make those who incite hatred pay a ruinous price for their actions. They must suffer criminal sanctions, be thrown out of their professions, and be exposed in the media. When expressions of antisemitism have profound criminal, financial and reputation repercussions, then only the most determined will engage in it.

“This year, Campaign Against Antisemitism has already taken the Crown Prosecution Service to the High Court and won a judicial review over its failure to prosecute an individual for alleged hate crimes ( = exposing vigilante Shomrim). We had to privately prosecute another individual ( = yours truly) after the Crown failed to do so, only for the Crown to change its mind and take over our prosecution.

“Our message is clear: the days of getting away with Jew-hatred are over. We will make sure of that. Our effect is being felt. Despite being one of the most inadequately funded communal charities (Nazis! Nazis everywhere! Donate!), relying almost entirely on the hard work of volunteers, we are referred to by those expressing abusive views on social media, on campuses and at demonstrations as their most powerful and dangerous enemy. They are lucky we are so starved of funds. (We can’t spell ‘anti-Semitism’, but be sure to donate!)

“Our message to the authorities is similarly blunt. With the backing of government ministers who share our dismay at your woeful inaction, we will hold you to account. If you fail to enforce the law with zero tolerance, we will challenge you in court, and we will hold your failings up to scrutiny in the media.” (That’s plod and CPS told!)

(Alas, asides last weekends Hannukah party attended by the Met Chief Constable Cressida Dick no less, it would seem that CAA is slipping from favour. Only one retweet by Falter for Bedlam’s ‘extreme measures’.)

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Revisionism is at the Heart of our Struggle for Freedom, Alison Chabloz

Revisionism is at the Heart of our Struggle for Freedom, Alison Chabloz

With chanteuse and satirist and political prisoner, Alison Chabloz


English subtitles Link in case of sandboxing https://youtu.be/yQ3…
* Dieudonne
* Vincent Reynouard


Throughout Europe, especially Britain, so-called hate laws are passed by parliaments to stifle debate on immigration. The purpose of these inhumane anti-debate laws is not to protect minorities; it is to shield treacherous political elite from scrutiny or criticism.

Mike Walsh, who was sentenced to 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing anti-immigration fliers, is skeptical of government censorship and repression.

“Since my imprisonment in 1979, British government’s foreign policy, in collusion with that of the United States, has slaughtered, maimed, and made homeless millions of ethnic groups. Since the cell door slammed on me the UK government has been directly and indirectly responsible for conflicts that caused the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Are we really expected to believe that corrupt political elite, whose military boots crushed liberty in a score of countries in my lifetime, gives a fig about the sensitivities of an Asian shopkeeper or Jewish moneylender?”

On October 30, British dissident Jez Turner at 13.30 attends a pre-trial hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. The charge relates to his spoken concerns about the influence wielded by a minority with a reputation for race hate incitement. It isn’t hate, it is debate.

On November 3, six young Britons, ex-servicemen and teenagers, are brought before the Old Bailey or Westminster magistrates’ court. Their alleged offence is that they belonged to National Action. This is a small organisation that mounted sporadic non-violent protests against the UK government’s immigration policy. National Action is not an illegal organisation it is a government suppressed entity; there is a difference.

The British state’s case is unconcerned with dissent; the British state encourages Asian, African and Muslim dissent. The state is concerned that Britain’s Whites wish the same rights of protest as those practiced by immigrants and refugees.

On November 20, dissident songwriter Alison Chabloz, who enjoys an international following for her satire, is summoned to a pre-trial hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court. The Joan of Arc heretic is accused of composing lyrics and singing songs of dissent.

If hate rather than debate was the issue then why aren’t the peddlers of anti-White rap, the broadcasters of ant-White racist profanities pursued for writing and ‘singing’ anti-White lyrics in the outpourings.

On February 22, 2018, Simon Sheppard, a lone dissident, is summoned before the bench. His alleged offence is that he was outspokenly critical of noisy neighbours. Had the hapless man’s noisy neighbours been White he would not be facing the magistrates. Sadly, for Simon and the concept of free speech those he complained about are non-White.

Hate or debate? Clearly, it is the governing elite, corrupt media, spineless police and state judiciary that stands accused of hate, race hates against their own kind.

On the dates above, it is not martyred heretics who face trial. In the magistrates’ dock crouches a debauched menacing state elite. The charges against this demonic Orwellian creature relate to base treachery and anti-White race hate.

“The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise.”  ~ James Larkin Statue on O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland.

(Thank you for sharing what media censors).

UPDATE IN ALISON CHABLOZ FREE SPEECH CASE IN THE UK: Court decision on complex legal arguments will be made next month

UPDATE IN ALISON CHABLOZ FREE SPEECH CASE IN THE UK: Court decision on complex legal arguments will be made next month

Firstly, a huge thank you to the 25 brave souls who turned up at yesterday’s hearing in support. Thanks also to those of you who weren’t able to be there but sent messages and donations.

It was a great boost to see familiar, friendly faces in the public gallery vastly outnumbering the opposition. Indeed, as proceedings began, we were informed of a request made by Crown key witnesses, CAA’s Gideon Falter and Stephen Silverman. Both men had originally intended to be present in the public gallery yet neither turned up. Instead, CAA minion, Anthony Orkin, was again in attendance with just a couple of others, including the man seen on the far left of the photo below:

171017 shomrim CAA DerbysPCC 1

Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism along with representatives of other Jewish organisations including Shomrim held a meeting last week in London with Labour’sHardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, to discuss hate crime.

Perhaps the fact that Derbyshire Constabulary last week finally returned my laptop is one of the reasons why Falter and Silverman failed to turn up? Who knows? But in light of the CPS barrister’s announcement, both were highly conspicuous by their absence.

The Crown also requested that my barrister, Adrian Davies, be the first to present submissions in relation to the complex legal arguments surrounding my case. As already explained, the charges (now five) which I face concern sending or causing to be sent a grossly offensive message under the Communications Act. I won’t go into much detail here. Suffice it to say that I was brilliantly defended by Mr Davies.

After hearing both sets of submissions, Judge Zani informed the court that he would give a decision in writing after studying the points of law discussed. He also scheduled yet another preliminary hearing on November 20th when his decision will be made public. The judge also made it clear that, at this current stage of events, he would still be inclined to keep the January 10th trial date.

Judge Zani explained that the reason for still wishing a trial to go ahead would be to hear my case not only on points of law (whether sharing a URL constitutes an offence under the Act) but also on facts, namely, the content of my songs. I, for one, shall look forward to the Crown’s star witness coming to the defence of Irene Zisblatt, Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank and the already-debunked war propaganda lies of Jews being turned into bars of soap, etc., etc.

It is quite strange to consider that in the case of Judge Zani agreeing with the Defence submission and therefore ruling that I would not have committed any offence under the Act, I may nevertheless still be sent to trial. However, the judge’s decision in this matter, quite rightly, is meant to avoid further eventual hearings pending appeals. If the judge agrees with the Crown’s submission concerning points of law, then I can and will appeal.

Judge Zani then went on to discuss bail conditions. The Crown – no doubt under pressure from the usual suspects – unsuccessfully tried to impose tighter address restrictions. Mr Davies also announced our intent to sue for abuse of process following my arrest and detention earlier this month.

My arrest and subsequent charge for yet another of my songs was the result of a witness statement made by former Zionist Federation co-vice chair, Jonathan Hoffman, who – as we saw last July – has already attempted to prejudice my case on more than one occasion. As a result of Mr Hoffman’s interference, the Crown announced yesterday that he would not make a credible witness. Key evidence relating to the new charge is now solely confined to a similar statement made by Stephen Silverman aka Bedlam Jones. On this matter, I shall leave readers to make up their own minds.

For some real discussion of my case and seeing as the Mainstream is failing in its task to inform the British public of this highly newsworthy event, I shall again be a guest on tonight’s edition of Radio Aryan’s Daily Traditionalist with Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer. The show starts at 5 pm BST and, hopefully, the audio quality this time will enable listeners to better hear my story. Big thanks to Sven Longshanks for organising this.