Throughout Europe, especially Britain, so-called hate laws are passed by parliaments to stifle debate on immigration. The purpose of these inhumane anti-debate laws is not to protect minorities; it is to shield treacherous political elite from scrutiny or criticism.

Mike Walsh, who was sentenced to 6 x 4 month prison sentences for publishing anti-immigration fliers, is skeptical of government censorship and repression.

“Since my imprisonment in 1979, British government’s foreign policy, in collusion with that of the United States, has slaughtered, maimed, and made homeless millions of ethnic groups. Since the cell door slammed on me the UK government has been directly and indirectly responsible for conflicts that caused the worst humanitarian crisis since World War II.

Are we really expected to believe that corrupt political elite, whose military boots crushed liberty in a score of countries in my lifetime, gives a fig about the sensitivities of an Asian shopkeeper or Jewish moneylender?”

On October 30, British dissident Jez Turner at 13.30 attends a pre-trial hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court. The charge relates to his spoken concerns about the influence wielded by a minority with a reputation for race hate incitement. It isn’t hate, it is debate.

On November 3, six young Britons, ex-servicemen and teenagers, are brought before the Old Bailey or Westminster magistrates’ court. Their alleged offence is that they belonged to National Action. This is a small organisation that mounted sporadic non-violent protests against the UK government’s immigration policy. National Action is not an illegal organisation it is a government suppressed entity; there is a difference.

The British state’s case is unconcerned with dissent; the British state encourages Asian, African and Muslim dissent. The state is concerned that Britain’s Whites wish the same rights of protest as those practiced by immigrants and refugees.

On November 20, dissident songwriter Alison Chabloz, who enjoys an international following for her satire, is summoned to a pre-trial hearing at Westminster magistrates’ court. The Joan of Arc heretic is accused of composing lyrics and singing songs of dissent.

If hate rather than debate was the issue then why aren’t the peddlers of anti-White rap, the broadcasters of ant-White racist profanities pursued for writing and ‘singing’ anti-White lyrics in the outpourings.

On February 22, 2018, Simon Sheppard, a lone dissident, is summoned before the bench. His alleged offence is that he was outspokenly critical of noisy neighbours. Had the hapless man’s noisy neighbours been White he would not be facing the magistrates. Sadly, for Simon and the concept of free speech those he complained about are non-White.

Hate or debate? Clearly, it is the governing elite, corrupt media, spineless police and state judiciary that stands accused of hate, race hates against their own kind.

On the dates above, it is not martyred heretics who face trial. In the magistrates’ dock crouches a debauched menacing state elite. The charges against this demonic Orwellian creature relate to base treachery and anti-White race hate.

“The great only appear great because we are on our knees. Let us rise.”  ~ James Larkin Statue on O’Connell Street, Dublin, Ireland.

(Thank you for sharing what media censors).

UPDATE IN ALISON CHABLOZ FREE SPEECH CASE IN THE UK: Court decision on complex legal arguments will be made next month

UPDATE IN ALISON CHABLOZ FREE SPEECH CASE IN THE UK: Court decision on complex legal arguments will be made next month

Firstly, a huge thank you to the 25 brave souls who turned up at yesterday’s hearing in support. Thanks also to those of you who weren’t able to be there but sent messages and donations.

It was a great boost to see familiar, friendly faces in the public gallery vastly outnumbering the opposition. Indeed, as proceedings began, we were informed of a request made by Crown key witnesses, CAA’s Gideon Falter and Stephen Silverman. Both men had originally intended to be present in the public gallery yet neither turned up. Instead, CAA minion, Anthony Orkin, was again in attendance with just a couple of others, including the man seen on the far left of the photo below:

171017 shomrim CAA DerbysPCC 1

Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism along with representatives of other Jewish organisations including Shomrim held a meeting last week in London with Labour’sHardyal Dhindsa, Derbyshire Police and Crime Commissioner, to discuss hate crime.

Perhaps the fact that Derbyshire Constabulary last week finally returned my laptop is one of the reasons why Falter and Silverman failed to turn up? Who knows? But in light of the CPS barrister’s announcement, both were highly conspicuous by their absence.

The Crown also requested that my barrister, Adrian Davies, be the first to present submissions in relation to the complex legal arguments surrounding my case. As already explained, the charges (now five) which I face concern sending or causing to be sent a grossly offensive message under the Communications Act. I won’t go into much detail here. Suffice it to say that I was brilliantly defended by Mr Davies.

After hearing both sets of submissions, Judge Zani informed the court that he would give a decision in writing after studying the points of law discussed. He also scheduled yet another preliminary hearing on November 20th when his decision will be made public. The judge also made it clear that, at this current stage of events, he would still be inclined to keep the January 10th trial date.

Judge Zani explained that the reason for still wishing a trial to go ahead would be to hear my case not only on points of law (whether sharing a URL constitutes an offence under the Act) but also on facts, namely, the content of my songs. I, for one, shall look forward to the Crown’s star witness coming to the defence of Irene Zisblatt, Elie Wiesel, Otto Frank and the already-debunked war propaganda lies of Jews being turned into bars of soap, etc., etc.

It is quite strange to consider that in the case of Judge Zani agreeing with the Defence submission and therefore ruling that I would not have committed any offence under the Act, I may nevertheless still be sent to trial. However, the judge’s decision in this matter, quite rightly, is meant to avoid further eventual hearings pending appeals. If the judge agrees with the Crown’s submission concerning points of law, then I can and will appeal.

Judge Zani then went on to discuss bail conditions. The Crown – no doubt under pressure from the usual suspects – unsuccessfully tried to impose tighter address restrictions. Mr Davies also announced our intent to sue for abuse of process following my arrest and detention earlier this month.

My arrest and subsequent charge for yet another of my songs was the result of a witness statement made by former Zionist Federation co-vice chair, Jonathan Hoffman, who – as we saw last July – has already attempted to prejudice my case on more than one occasion. As a result of Mr Hoffman’s interference, the Crown announced yesterday that he would not make a credible witness. Key evidence relating to the new charge is now solely confined to a similar statement made by Stephen Silverman aka Bedlam Jones. On this matter, I shall leave readers to make up their own minds.

For some real discussion of my case and seeing as the Mainstream is failing in its task to inform the British public of this highly newsworthy event, I shall again be a guest on tonight’s edition of Radio Aryan’s Daily Traditionalist with Matthew Heimbach and Florian Geyer. The show starts at 5 pm BST and, hopefully, the audio quality this time will enable listeners to better hear my story. Big thanks to Sven Longshanks for organising this.


Alison Chabloz, English Satirical Chanteuse Detained 48 Hours by British Thought Police

Alison Chabloz, English Satirical Chanteuse Detained 48 Hours by British Thought Police
Dear YouTube, this is SATIRE ~ POLITICAL MUSICAL SATIRE, based on an Edith Paif song ‘La vie en rose’. Edith Piaf performed regularly in occupied France duri…


Dear all, a short account of my brief but unpleasant ordeal last week.


The new charge for causing yet more gross offence by way of singing satirical songs concerns a YouTube version (now removed) of this song which, for obvious reasons, I am unable to share on my above blog post:


Musical wishes, Alison Chabloz.

Last week, for having expressed myself musically via the Internet, I was entertained at Her Majesty’s pleasure during 48 hours.

Clearly at the beck and call of my predatory stalkers, police first arrested me for an alleged breach of bail outside Court 8 at Westminster Mags then, ten minutes later, de-arrested me. Within half an hour, I was re-arrested on suspicion of inciting racial hatred for my songs (again), handcuffed and carted off to Charing Cross police station where I was held for six hours to await two officers from Derbyshire police to take me back to my home county for questioning.

In Buxton, I spent another 31 hours in custody, was interviewed, rearrested for breaching bail and for another count of sending a ‘grossly offensive message’ – i.e. posting another humorous song on YouTube, clearly marked as SATIRE and which contains NO HATE SPEECH whatsoever –  and finally charged with the latter two offences. I was told that the incitement charge is pending police investigation. I was refused bail and informed that police had requested I be held on remand.

On the morning of October 6th, I was again handcuffed and driven in a prison bus to Chesterfield Immediate Remand Court where I pleaded not guilty to malicious communications and was freed under the same bail conditions with the new charge transferred to the next legal argument hearing at Westminster on October 25th.

Now, three days after being released and of course being the subject of all-too-predictable arrogant gloating online from my predatory stalkers (yet total silence from the mainstream press), my impression is that my persecutors were trying to break me.

I was treated badly at Charing Cross, made to suffer three hours of torture in a freezing cold police van with no seat and refused a number of my rights. I have compiled a fully detailed report which has been sent to my lawyers.

All for singing satirical songs? What has happened to this country, when the authorities behave in such a despicable manner towards an artist who has never caused any harm to anyone? What do my predatory stalkers hope to achieve?

Anyway, I am absolutely fine. As I have said before, this kind of persecution only strengthens my resolve. Thanks to everyone who has sent me kind words of support.

The Crown now must convince District Judge Zani that ridiculing Jewish lies, power and influence in a song is grossly offensive. Other points of law to be discussed at the next hearing are whether sharing a URL constitutes sending or causing to be sent a grossly offensive message and deciding whether YouTube is a public communications network.

My bail terms specify that anything I post has to be BOTH racist/anti-Semitic AND grossly offensive in order for me to be charged with a breach. Certainly, one of the interviewing officers didn’t seem to be offended at all – one foot tapping the beat during the showing of a police screencapture video of my alleged musical crimes!

If my trial goes ahead, all the footage of the three songs concerned will be shown in court – the third clip clearly showing a YouTube warning notice for delicate flowers who might be offended by watching! If the authorities want to make themselves look utterly ridiculous then I can’t really see any problem. Likewise, if they decide to put an artist on trial for singing satirical songs, find me guilty and send me to prison, I have absolutely no problem with that either.

Once again, my predatory stalkers have omitted to include another of my songs which, considering the definition of what they claim to be ‘grossly offensive’, could easily have been subject to similar nonsense charges. I wonder why?

Hope Not Hate infiltrates alt-right – heeds advice on how to improve website

Hope Not Hate infiltrates alt-right – heeds advice on how to improve website

A year has passed since my legendary performance at the London Forum, now subject to criminal proceedings as already explained in detail here on this blog. 

Desperate to see me further punished for the crime of singing humorous songs about Jewish power and influence, my accusers and longtime stalkers fail to grasp that I am not in the least afraid. Once one knows the Truth, it simply feels right and there is no going back. If the British authorities wish to imprison a singer for her satirical songs – so be it!

Unable to perform and speak freely (my laptop STILL in police possession after almost a year), I might just as well be in prison: the experience would no doubt spark further artistic inspiration, not to mention increase Joe Public’s ever-growing distrust of police, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) and our elected leaders.

Anyway, on to the topic of this blog which deals with last week’s news concerning how a Hope Not Hate ‘researcher’, Patrik Hermansson – a queer Swede – managed to infiltrate the alt-right in a ‘year-long’ investigation which began last January.

Already, I can hear you say we are still only in September. Yes, the consummate liars down at Hope Not Hate (HNH) never fail to impress when it comes to trying to outdo mainstream gutter press for touting misleading headlines. Hermansson’s infiltration ended with the Charlottesville demonstration in August: seven or eight months at the most – hardly a year.

Admittedly, the Swede did manage to fleece several hardened dissidents by worming his way into the London Forum, masquerading as a masters student researching the doxing and deplatforming of figures such as David Irving, Vincent Reynouard, myself and others. The tactics used to infiltrate are largely described on HNH’s website for those of you who are interested. I shan’t be sharing any links here – apologies, but you’ll have to search for yourselves.

Hermansson used a top-of-the-range button camera to secretly film ‘interviews’ with some of the world’s leading alt-right figures. Yes, some of the footage is rather embarrassing. However, at the same time, Hermansson fails utterly to reveal anything of note. The short clips published so far prove that those targeted say the exact same things in private as they do in public. A documentary is scheduled for release at a later date.

There have been a few lukewarm press reports, mostly from the state-funded BBC. When interviewed, the Swede sticks to HNH boss Nick Lowles’ predictable script.

It is an eyebrow-raising reflection of the times we live in when a queer publication reports more even-handedly than the state-funded broadcaster.

No doubt attracted to the story by way of the Swede’s sexual preferences, Pink News has produced the most balanced report so far. Hermansson admits to engaging in dishonest behaviour, as well as lamenting the fact that he has received ‘murder threats’ – from people he’s never met!

My interview with Hermansson took place early April, just after my scheduled ‘trial’ had been adjourned and Senior District Judge Arbuthnot had recused herself after being outed as a pro-Israel stooge.

With hindsight, Hermansson had been well-trained in the art of deception.

We met in a cafe near Victoria Station in London and for the first half hour, as far as I can remember, we chatted generally about my case. Hermansson then feigned dismay that he hadn’t switched on his iPhone voice recorder from the start. Of course, all the while he’d been secretly filming me through his very expensive button camera.

I told him the facts as recorded here on my blog. As well, I gave my opinion of Hope Not Hate and the poor content of their website. A musician’s memory is a useful tool. Checking my email history confirms that, at the time, I had been researching the very organisation which had sent a paid infiltrator to spy on me in the hope of gleaning intelligence about the UK alt-right.

Unlikely that that particular section of footage will be used in the upcoming documentary. With my ‘trial’ ongoing, it’s equally doubtful that a documentary would show any discussion involving my case – especially not the part about my accusers outing themselves as abusive Twitter trolls in court last December.

Two weeks after my interview with Hermansson, HNH trumpeted their brand new revamped website. Little by little, all the archives that had back then been wiped and transferred to a holding site have begun to reappear. The main difference with the old site is that comments are no longer possible – not that anyone bothered commenting much on the old site, something I remember pointing out to Hermansson during our conversation. The content is as predictable and shoddy as ever. In fact, HNH’s MO can be summed up in four words:

Nazis! Nazis everywhere! Donate!

HNH’s infiltration of the alt-right coincides with the organisation’s desire to branch out into the US Donate Button For Gullible Goyim market. There is now a second website – a dot com – as well as a new US Twitter account. Perhaps a necessary move if Lowles and Co are to continue to live in the style to which they’ve grown accustomed?

It would appear that certain sources of funding within the UK – including from government and trade unions – may have dried up somewhat following exposure from several sources. There is plenty of evidence detailing HNH’s dishonesty, duplicity and downright incompetence in running a supposed charitable trust which is, in fact, a cover for state surveillance of political dissidents and a militant, pro-Zionist campaigning wing of the UK Labour party.

Hermansson’s write up includes a couple of predictable paragraphs – no doubt heavily edited by Lowles – about me being one of the UK’s most notorious ‘Holocaust’ deniers.

Interestingly, ex-Jew Gilad Atzmon described Lowles’ thus in one blog article dating back to 2012:


Lowles, himself an ex Jewish student activist, is not against revisionism in general. He is not against Israelis dismissing the Palestinian holocaust – he has no quarrel with Nakba denial. Nor does he oppose the deniers of the Arminian Holocaust. And for some reason, HOPE not hate is also strangely silent  about the Ukrainian holocaust, the  Holodomor – that according to prominent Israeli Zionist writer Sever Plocker and others, was largely inflicted by Stalin’s Jews.Nick Lowles and ‘HOPE not hate’ are completely uninterested in the denial of any holocaust – any, that is, except one.

Another fierce critic is Larry O’Hara, ‘anti-fascist researcher’ (!) and editor of Notes From The Borderland (NFB) who describes Lowles as being out of his depth when it comes to serious politics:

Lowles mistakes impulsiveness for decisiveness, and simply lacks the grey matter needed for original grounded thought.

O’Hara is equally scathing with regard to HNH company secretary Ruth Smeeth MP, as well as longtime HNH researchers Joe Mulhall and Matt Collins.

Funding for the Swede’s infiltration no doubt partly came from the seemingly aborted HNH threats to sue Nigel Farage: two crowdfunding campaigns, each to the tune of £100,000 (which I already commented on here), would easily buy a specialised button camera, numerous plane tickets, rail fares, hotel rooms and cover the rental cost of a North London flat.

Hermansson’s Twitter profile reads ‘researcher for @hopenothate’. I bumped into him again a couple of times at various meetings since our encounter but he seemed to take only a scant interest into delving deeper into my personal story. He clearly had bigger fish to fry.

At least I finally got a mention from HNH – which, amusingly, certain of my detractors seem to think is a badge of honour:


Jonathan Hoffman must be over the moon! Although, as I am officially Too Extreme For the BNP, Hoffman and his Kahanist pals really don’t have too much to worry about.


Rendez-vous next Wednesday, 10am at Westminster Magistrates Court for yet another hearing – the fifth so far, now with a third district judge in attendance. 

Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me by donating. I am very grateful. 



Alison Chabloz — Too Extreme for the BNP

Alison Chabloz — Too Extreme for the BNP


During my latest ban from here, censorship fanatics were again targeting my YouTube account.

In an unprecedented move, my song ‘I like the story as it is’ was removed, despite having already been ‘sandboxed’ AND despite being clearly marked as ‘SATIRE’ in both the title and the meta tags.

Maybe if I’d threatened to kill queers, used abusive language against women (Eminem) or called for all Whites to be genocided (most Black rap artists), I’d have at least six million YouTube subscribers by now?

In defiance, I uploaded another new song. Already sandboxed and banned in the usual countries, it should nevertheless still be visible to most.

Fields of Athenry – A Tribute to Ernst Zundel

Fields of Athenry – A Tribute to Ernst Zundel

A tribute to free speech campaigner and one of the world’s greatest dissidents, Ernst Zundel. 
Fields of Athenry is an Irish folk ballad which tells the tale of Michael, sentenced to be deported to Australia for having stolen corn during the great famine, leaving his wife Mary and their young child behind. 
Thus, the song echoes the plight of Zundel, imprisoned for also rebelling against the Crown in his search for historical truth. Upon his release from jail, Zundel was forced to live separated from his wife, Ingrid, until his recent death in his home country of Germany.


A tribute to free speech campaigner and one of the world’s greatest dissidents, Ernst Zundel. Fields of Athenry is an Irish folk ballad which tells the tale …

Musical wishes,



Apologies for the mass email once again, and apologies to those of you who took the time to respond to my previous updates and have yet to receive any personal reply. My bail terms and accompanying inconveniences limit my Internet usage to mobile-only, but I promise to try and sort through my messages and respond as time and data allowance permit.

Today and yesterday I received yet more email notifications from YouTube regards ‘action taken’ on my videos following ‘legal complaints’. Please see below YouTube’s updated list of countries where my videos are now blocked :

Like Amazon, YouTube is ignoring UK law, no doubt following pressure from the Israel Lobby. This now brings the total of potential viewers blocked from viewing my songs and other videos to well over 300 million.

If Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism had not brought a private criminal prosecution against me for (((Survivors))) at the end of 2016, it’s reasonable to think that my video would still be floundering around the 6,000 view mark. Instead, the grand total is now over 30k. As plenty of other users have noticed, YouTube also regularly culls the number of views. For this particular video – the total is now frozen at 30,666 !

To celebrate, I have uploaded two songs to Vimeo which are available with a password. One is an old number of mine ‘Social Media Queen’ updated for 2017 – I’m now banned from so many online platforms, would the enemy be trying to force an early abdication? 😉

The second is one of my most recent rants ‘Too extreme for the BNP’. Clearly, I AM too extreme for Twitter and YouTube, but for the BNP as well ? (*rolls eyes).

Mark my words, they’ll be going after my PayPal account next..

Password: jesuischabloz

Social Media Queen 2017

Too extreme for the BNP

Patriotic wishes to all, 

Alison Chabloz. 

To send or not to send – that is the argument — English Chanteuse Bound By Severe Bail in Zionist-inspired Internet Restriction Case

To send or not to send – that is the argument — English Chanteuse Bound By Severe Bail in Zionist-inspired Internet Restriction Case

Dear All,

Firstly, apologies for not updating you all earlier. The latest twist in my court case effectively removes my right to publish anything other than the briefest of briefs for fear of being immediately summonsed for breach of bail or contempt of court. My every move and key stroke will be being watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in the hope of my family and I being finally worn down to such an extent that I will plead guilty, thus giving my accusers the legal precedent they so desire.

Last Friday, the original charge brought against me in a private prosecution by Mr Faultfinder of the Campaign Against Britons Having The Right To Free Speech In Their Own Land (CAA) was dropped, bringing the total of dropped charges to four. Court was then briefly suspended in order to allow the Crown Prosecutor to serve me with four more charges – two for each song: I am now accused of sending and, at the same time causing to be sent(!), two songs which my accusers claim caused them gross offence. This, after they themselves had sought out one of my blog posts and clicked on a hyperlink which in turn redirected them to YouTube. In short, they chose to watch a video which I did not upload to YouTube and which was never sent to them in the first place.

With a lack of evidence to prove that I would, in fact, have sent or caused to be sent anything other than a hyperlink, my case has again been prolonged whilst the Crown seeks expert analysis, to be submitted in August. A new date for legal argument has been set down for October 25. This gives the CAA another four months of breathing space during which time their small but noisy army of Twitter trolls will no doubt continue to stalk and harass anyone they disagree with.

Last week’s hearing was in fact suspended twice whilst lawyers agreed on dates and discussed varied bail conditions. It was noticeable that the Crown Prosecutor used these breaks to liaise with a tall, olive-skinned young man and that each party was constantly checking their phone. Was this gent a representative of CAA? My original accuser and his chief witness were both conspicuous by their absence: since CAA won its costly campaign to bring about a judicial review of the Jez Turner case, at least one report suggests that it is now a Zionist lobbying organisation which is giving orders to the CPS – a supposedly independent body – when it comes to prosecuting anyone CAA dislikes.

[The Crown Prosecution Service] agreed to consult the CAA in future when making decisions regarding similar cases against Jewish people and whether it can be regarded hate speech or free speech.

Regards my bail conditions (imposed for a ‘crime’ without precedent and therefore likely to go to a higher court and, I might add, all at taxpayers’ expense), these limit not only my freedom of expression but now also my freedom of movement. I must notify my solicitor if I intend to stay anywhere other than my official address for a period of more than ten days. Offers of accommodation for nine days would be most welcome. It doesn’t have to be in the Bahamas – but I wouldn’t say no!

Unsurprisingly, there have been no reports in the media about this landmark case. The last thing my accusers and a pandering, corrupt Establishment want is more Britons waking up to the harsh reality of yet more tyrannical legal constraints undermining our most precious freedom – being able to think for ourselves and express those thoughts. Likewise, there has been complete silence from the press both about Falter’s original charge being dropped as well as the recusal of District Judge Arbuthnot who gagged me last December, resulting in never-ending bail. Frankly, it’s difficult to see how any advantage could be gained by way of further intimidation and harassment of my family and I, as a result of pressure being applied on the authorities by CAA. Or perhaps that’s just me being naive and we really do live in an Orwellian dystopia where patriotism is now a crime?

To conclude, I shall not be using the Internet much in the coming months but you can stay in touch by leaving comments on my blog or contacting me via email. I will try to respond as time and bail conditions permit. There is enough information already on my blog and elsewhere, detailing my ordeal, which exposes quite clearly the underhand methods used by CAA to try and force a conviction.

The good news is that I now have several new songs ready to record and perform, as well as ideas for two books. In the meantime, if you could please support me and encourage others to do likewise by ordering a copy of my Songs of the Shoah EP and/or by donating to any amount, large or small, to my PayPal account, I would be very grateful.

Much gratitude to my steadfast legal team and to those who made the trip to support me last Friday. Thanks for reading and blessings to all.

CPS discontinues original charge for my song (((Survivors)))

CPS discontinues original charge for my song (((Survivors)))

Friday June 2, the Crown Prosecution Service informed my lawyer of their intention to discontinue the initial accusation for malicious communications brought against me by Gideon Falter of the Campaign Against Antisemitism for my song (((Survivors))).

This latest news of yet another charge against me being dropped will no doubt provoke yet more tears from the turgid trio of accusing females (as described here) and who are still gnashing their teeth on Twitter, wanting my blood and even interacting regards my person – in typically clueless fashion – and in public. Screenshots archived.


Regards the pending cases relating to the YouTube video of last September’s London Forum performance, I am considering downloading both songs, removing the music and leaving just the laughter and applause.

The next hearing – for legal argument only – will take place June 23, 10 am at Westminster Magistrates Court. The outcome may not only have a devastating effect on the right to be able to think for ourselves and express those thoughts, it may also severely undermine British values, traditions and artistic culture. Hope to see you there

Blood & Honour Tackles the Problem of Meeting Space for Dissident Groups

Blood & Honour Tackles the Problem of Meeting Space for Dissident Groups

For at least 30 years, populist dissidents, like Paul Fromm the late Ron Gostick, revisionists like David Irving and others have faced the problem of holding meetings.  You think there’s freedom of speech in Canada? Forget about it! Organized Jewish groups, when they get wind of a meeting, lean on the hotel or hall management. Sometimes the pressure is subtle: You wouldn’t want to be seen to side with the “neo-Nazis” against the Jewish community. Sometimes it’s more blatant, with threats of boycott or, worst of all, bad publicity from a lamestream media all too eager to smear perceived enemies of Jews. Sometimes  the threat comes from organized “anti-racist” groups which threaten violent protests. Sometimes there actually are violent protests. While that meeting may go on, it’s likely the last one the dissident group will ever hold in that venue. You think a contract means anything? Most hotel managers have the morality of a crack whore. Signed agreements mean nothing. And the police? Well, they can’t be counted on. Sometimes they do, in fact. protect a threatened meeting in a professional manner. All too often, though, they counsel management to cancel the meeting “to avoid trouble”  — trouble the donut munching cops are paid handsomely to prevent.

Thus, most populist or revisionist meetings are not widely advertized. This, of course, limits the effectiveness of public outreach, to say nothing of their trampled rights. Along comes Blood & Honour, a Calgary-based group of mostly young men and women. They have rented a large secure meeting space in an easily protected area. In a statement earlier this year, their leader Kyle McKee, an experienced young man with a decade of organizing and activism under his belt,  made the following offer to CAFE and other populist and libertarian groups:  “Blood and Honour Canada’s Calgary chapter has been very active and growing and our efforts have been focused and professional. The benefits of dedicated people are now being passed forward to you by way of an offer to use our own private venue for your meetings when in Calgary so the money otherwise spent for the basic expenses of doing your work can be repurposed to even more activity on your part. Also this means no more hotel cancellations and scrambling to find new venues in Calgary.” Thanks to Blood & Honour, we held a large, well-advertized meeting in early March for English song writer singer and holocaust skeptic Alison Chabloz.


Mr. McKee adds: “Blood and Honour Canada’s Calgary chapter also keeps busy with regular weekly gatherings and regular events. If someone is interested in attending any of these they can contact us at our website 28canada.com and if anyone is interested in helping by way of donation this can be done by joining and subscribing to our web forum that is linked to on our main website 28canada.com or in person at any of our events. Blood and Honour Canada (Club 28) is a nationalist organization and European cultural group operating independently of any political party. It is our goal to raise awareness of issues concerning our nation and the people here, as well as to unite those people with a legitimate interest in securing the future of our European cultural identity under one common banner. Blood and Honour Canada is a secular organization promoting intelligence, common sense and self-preservation while encouraging a broader understanding of all the religions which have been crucial in the forming of our great European Identity.” It runs an active education programme for its own members.