New Zealand and the New World Order

Dear Des,

New Zealand has emerged as the little darling of the New World Order. That is to say, it has become a creepily authoritarian place overnight.

In the wake of the mosque shooting in Christchurch, Kiwi Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern made it a crime to possess or to share the video of the attack, with two men currently facing up to 14 years in prison for this (!) and she made Facebook remove 1.5 million copies of the video within 24 hours of the attack.

In addition, Ardern announced the development of legislation to criminalize possession of semi-automatic weapons and she has also ordered armed police officers to make unannounced visits to the homes of people whose social media posts indicate they have conservative views, for example by opposing the UN Migration Pact or by supporting (gasp) Donald Trump, as told here by a mild-mannered YouTuber whose home has already been visited more than once.

These moves and more are being crowned today by the “Christchurch Call”, a summit of world leaders and Big Tech CEOs hosted by Ardern, where participants are pledging to eliminate extremist content online.

Simultaneous to this, former Rothschild banker, Emmanuel Macron is bringing 80 tech chiefs to Paris for his Tech for Good conference. Attendees of the events include the usual Globalist suspects, like Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Canadian Premier Justin Trudeau, British Prime Minister Theresa May and EU Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey will have bilateral talks with Ardern and Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi will have bilateral talks with Macron. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will not attend either event but he did meet in Paris with Macron last week.

Ardern said, “(We’re) asking both nations and private corporations to make changes to prevent the posting of terrorist content online, to ensure its efficient and fast removal and to prevent the use of live-streaming as a tool for broadcasting terrorist attacks,” she wrote in The Times.

Tech firms are being urged to develop “concrete measures”, such as enabling live-streams only on social media accounts whose owners have been identified. This implies a step closer toward the social credit dystopia unfolding in China.

Alas, “It’s a global problem that requires a global response,” said Ardern.

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 The long and short of it is that after 3 years of a generally amicable relationship with Executive Director, Barbara Chisolm of Ashland, MA’s WACA-TV there was a problem.  It was clear my video series CONNECT THE DOTS promoted CONTROVERSIAL political views and I even presented a video for May dealing with RACIAL AWARENESS with the conservative black point of view. It played once on April 22/23, 2019 at midnight (safe harbor time slot) and that was the last time any of my shows have been aired.
Since then, I have attempted, on numerous occasions, to contact Ms. Chisolm via our customary and formerly successful methods – email and phone calls, met by silence and disregarding my concerns.  I even went down to her office, May 7, 2019 and she refused to see me, feigning a ‘conference call.”  There was no overture for me to wait, that she would get back with me, nor was there any kindness extended towards me as towards a business associate or even a friend.
This SUDDEN and DEFINITE freeze/silence reinforced my suspicion of censorship because of a NOW political bias against me.  She never informed me that my videos were no longer being aired, she just STOPPED airing them.  I must INFER, therefore, that because of the timing of my broadcast cessation, that my last video, RACIAL AWARENESS sparked the censorship.  This was also followed by a special WACA-TV show about FREEDOM OF SPEECH, with a flurry of guests to participate and endorse freedom of speech on WACA-TV.
It appears that PREACHING and PRACTICING of FREE SPEECH at Ashland’s WACA-TV are completely different and selective and THUS nonexistent.  For you SEE: FREEDOM OF SPEECH FOR ALL OR IT IS NOT FREEDOM OF SPEECH AT ALL and I’ve been denied mine.




Audience claps and whoops with delight

Paul Joseph Watson | – MAY 14, 2019

Video from a political debate television round table shows German leftists in the audience applauding death threats made against the right-wing AfD party.
During the show, chairman of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party Frank Magnitz was asked why his party had underperformed in Bremen compared to success in other parts of the country.
Back in January, Magnitz himself was viciously attacked by three unknown assailants in Bremen and was left fighting for his life after suffering a gaping head wound.
Magnitz explained that Bremen is politically difficult for the AfD party because of repeated threats made against its members in the area.
“This afternoon I received news that we will have to cancel our last three election events that we planned from now up until the end of our campaign,” said Magnitz.
“The reason is very simple….because the owner no longer wanted to rent it out to us because he received death threats,” he added.
In response to this, numerous members of the audience began enthusiastically whooping and clapping.
“It is clear from the reactions here how horrible the political discourse is,” said Magnitz
The host of the show then accused Magnitz of playing the victim, prompting another guest to remark, “Maybe it has more to do with your kind of politics”.
To make the situation even more absurd, one of the applauding audience members is wearing a sweatshirt on which is written the words “always be kind”.
Several AfD offices in Germany have also been bombed or suffered other attacks since the party came to prominence.





At 02:00 am, but on recorded audio, Karin Smith and I will speak for two hours to Mr Frederick Fromm. Not an interview for the faint hearted, as I foresee conversation on very controversial political topics.…/radio-free-south-africa…

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Jon Rappoport; Another Blogger Silenced

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)
by Jon Rappoport

I say, “Dear Parents, All over the world they are injecting your children, from the day of their birth, with poisonous chemicals and germs, and they’re calling it a miracle.  But it isn’t.  It’s devastating.”

And then, someone somewhere behind a curtain who’s hidden his name-badge in his underpants says, “Censor that man.  Cut off his expression.  He has no right to say what he’s saying.”

The Soulless Ones are at it again.

Many of you now know that, last Saturday, WordPress took down my blog without warning or notice.  After 10 years—boom.  Gone.  We are in the process of restoring the blog through “other means.”  Meanwhile, my home page at is still up, and you can let others know to go there to sign up for the email list to receive my articles in their inbox on a regular basis.  You can also order products at that same home page.

I strongly suspect that my articles criticizing vaccines triggered the censorship move.  The justification would be: well, we must protect the health of the public and your influence could be quite negative in that regard, etc.

Information, evidence, opinion are all now subject to the preferences of “those in charge,” who of course “only have the best interests of The People at heart.”  Sure.

The reality is: when there is something called official science, then unofficial science must be trampled on and stamped out—the word “official” tells you that authorities are pushing lies down on people’s heads and those lies must be maintained and never doubted.  Unofficial science becomes dangerous.  It contains repressed truth.

I’ve learned that first-hand over the past 35 years working as a reporter.  All my major investigations have been “unofficial,” and in every one of those cases, there was someone standing in the middle of the road behind barricades shooing people away and warning that there was nothing OFFICIAL to see by going farther.

THE RIGHT TO HAVE AND EXPRESS AN OPINION OR VIEW OR FINDING are under attack.  Structures that would enable persons to express an opinion publicly are censoring certain voices.  They don’t have to give a reason.  They just do it.

They might say a writer “violated community standards.”  What community, and what standards?  Oh, the ones they make up and pretend exist.  Those communities and standards.  Or perhaps “the community” they’re talking about is some collection of goody two-shoes robotic idiots they’ve convinced to form an organization and make a so-called mission statement in line with official truth.  Blank minds, blank stares, earnest faces.

The age of rational argument and debate, if it ever existed, appears to be over.  Now it’s just FIND THE CONTRARY VIEW and silence it.

Of course, I’m not the first person to be censored recently.  And I’ve noticed that the black-listing hasn’t worked.  Those independent reporters and analysts and editorialists and activists are still talking and writing.  I’ll do the same.

You can help.  Spread my articles any way you can.  Get others on my email list.  Consider ordering my three MATRIX collections. Get in touch with WordPress and let them know how you feel and what you think.  Refuse to obey the Law of Silence.

There is a WE here.  It isn’t a collection of dumb know-nothings.  It’s many individuals who happen to have arrived, separately, at a similar place: the crossroad where a choice is made for justice and against surrender.

If you’re not already there, get there.  If you’re there, make your presence count.

Cineplex Bans ‘Unplanned’ in Canada

Cineplex Bans ‘Unplanned’ in Canada

Over the last month we have been working to bring the movie “Unplanned” to Canada.
“Unplanned” is the real-life story of Abby Johnson, a Planned Parenthood clinic director who changed her mind about abortion when she saw the gruesome truth one day. It is a powerful and disturbing film with a redemptive message that every man and woman needs to see. 
“Unplanned” opened in the States on March 29th, bringing in over $6 million US on its opening weekend, far exceeding all expectations. In fact, it was the #4 film in theatres that weekend!
Despite its blockbuster status, we are really struggling to bring it to Canada.
So far, it has only been screened twice in this country – both at private events in Ottawa for MPs and pro-life leaders.
In conjunction with National Campus Life Network, and in partnership with other Canadian pro-life organizations, we had launched a petition in April to Cineplex, asking them to screen the film in Canada. (Cineplex is Canada’s largest retail film exhibitor.)
Unfortunately, Cineplex has now officially said NO! I am sad to report that “Unplanned” has been banned from most Canadian theatres due to its “controversial” nature. (Check out the full story here:
Despite this set-back, we are not giving up!
Moving forward, we are asking pro-life Canadians – and people all over the world – to sign our petition of support for the film. We want you to show your support for screenings in Canada and around the globe – so more people can see the truth like Abby saw it – so more minds and hearts might be changed.
If you haven’t signed already, please SIGN NOW:
Over 185,000 CitizenGOers from Canada and around the world have already signed. Will you join them?
Although we do not expect Cineplex to reverse their decision, we are hopeful that this vast outpouring of support will help us secure screenings with private and independent cinemas. When these smaller theatres see how many people are behind this film, they are going to realize there is money to be made – in spite of the “controversy”.
National Campus Life Network has also created a separate fund to help pay for screenings and/or to provide free tickets once screenings are arranged. This fund has already reached $13,000.
For folks who are in the Edmonton area, I am pleased to announce that there will be a private screening of “Unplanned” to-night at 6:30 PM at the Expo Centre. Admission is being provided free of charge by the organizers. (Find out more here:
Thank you for continuing to stand with us as we work to bring “Unplanned” to Canada. Your prayers, signatures, and support, are vital!
Yours for Life,

David Cooke and the Entire CitizenGO Team

David Cooke

Facebook has shut down 23 major populist Italian pages with 2.5 million followers just two weeks before the European elections.

Facebook has shut down 23 major populist Italian pages with 2.5 million followers just two weeks before the European elections.

[It’s time to demand legislation that will treat these near monopolies — Facebook, You Tube, PayPal, Twitter — as public utilities which will be forbidden to discriminate against people because of their views or beliefs. Spread the world! — Paul Fromm., Director, CANADIAN ASSOCIATION FOR FREE EXPRESSION.]

According to Italian media, the majority of the pages supported the populist parties La Lega (The League) and the 5-Star Movement (M5S) — who currently govern Italy in a temporary coalition.

Facebook has justified its dramatic move by claiming that the sites shared fake news, so-called “hate speech”, and “divisive content” regarding immigrants, vaccines, and Jewish people.

Facebook used information from a report produced by a left-progressive NGO called Avaaz, which deals with “human rights” and environmental campaigns.

“We thank Avaaz for sharing its research so we could investigate,” said a Facebook spokesperson. “We are committed to protecting the integrity of the EU elections and around the world. We have removed a series of false and duplicate accounts that violated our policies on the subject of authenticity, as well as several pages for violation of the policy on changing the name.”

“We have also taken action against some pages that have repeatedly spread misinformation. We will take further measures if we find other violations,” the spokesperson warned.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Delingpole: Then Facebook Came for Paul Joseph Watson… 

Delingpole: Then Facebook Came for Paul Joseph Watson…

President Trump retweeted a Breitbart News story about Facebook’s blacklist of prominent conservatives including Paul Joseph Watson. Good.

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In its report, which was presented to Facebook on May 3, Avaaz said it had identified 14 Italian networks on Facebook comprising 104 pages and six groups, with a total reach of 18.2 million followers.

This week, Facebook took punitive action against 23 pages in these networks, with a total of 2.46 million followers and 2.44 million interactions over the last three months.

Facebook has also reportedly “weakened” pages that spread content with allegedly false news, presumably making them less visible to Facebook users.

The technical motivation for the closing of the pages is linked to name changes: it is claimed they initially suggested themes that did not seem to allude to political parties or movements, but later changed the theme.

Among the closed pages are “We want the 5-star Movement in government”, which had 129,000 followers and almost 700,000 interactions in three months, “Beppe Grillo for President”, “Lega Salvini Sulmona” — which had 307,000 followers” — “Lega Salvini Premier Santa Teresa of Riva”, and “We Are 5 Stars.”

The most active page in support of the Lega party was among those closed, just as polls are showing that the Lega is currently the party with the most support among Italians for the upcoming elections.

Facebook’s efforts in Italy to influence the European elections are just the tip of the iceberg, Italian media noted.

According to the Italian daily La Repubblica, on May 2 Facebook opened a “war room” in Dublin devoted full time to the European electoral campaign, with 40 teams of engineers, scientists, researchers, threat specialists, and experts for each country.

There are 500 people working on the elections, with the assistance of 21 supposed “fact-checkers,” operating in 14 different languages.

Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public Under New Proposed Anti-Hate Legislation

Canada Moves to Ban Christians From Demonstrating in Public
Under New Proposed Anti-Hate Legislation
by Shane Trejo, Big League Politics – May 11, 2019

Legislation proposed in the Canadian province of Ontario would criminalize public displays by Christians deemed hateful to Muslims, the LGBT community and other victim groups designated by the left.

The bill, “Prohibiting Hate-Promoting Demonstrations at Queen’s Park Act, 2019,” bans any demonstration, rally or other activity that is deemed hateful by the Speaker from being permissible on legislative grounds – effectively insulating the government from Christian speech.

Life Site News explains that the nebulous nature of Canada’s anti-hate laws essentially give leftist legislators carte blanche to ban all Christian protest:

The problem with this bill, however, lies in the fact that the definition of “hate” is uncertain under Canadian law. As a result, unfortunately, the use of the word “hate” can be a useful tool for some to prevent differing views from being expressed. That is, the word “hate” can be used to silence opposing views expressed when, in fact, the views are simply a reasonable expression of belief.

This concern is based on actual experience. Canadians have already experienced the contempt shown by the Supreme Court of Canada towards Section 2 of the Charter of Rights which provides for freedom of opinion, expression and religion. In the Trinity Western Christian University case (2018), a private Christian university’s moral covenant was deemed hateful and discriminating. In the Bill Whatcott case (2013), the Supreme Court of Canada concluded that the effects of an expression used, not the communicator’s intent, are what is relevant. The court went on to conclude that “truthful statements and sincerely held beliefs do not affect the finding of “hate”. Mr. Whatcott merely expressed in his pamphlet the well-established facts about homosexuality which the court held to be “hateful”. It is worth noting that the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, presumably consisting of equally learned judges, had previously concluded that the pamphlet was not hateful. The Supreme Court of Canada prides itself on being a “progressive” court and has an established bias as evidenced in a series of decisions that have struck down laws based on traditional values. There is little likelihood that the court will protect tradition-based groups if they are denied the right to demonstrate at the provincial legislature.

As Canada becomes more restrictive toward Christianity, they open their arms for the LGBT agenda and Islam to take a foothold in their culture.

The Royal Canadian Mint issued a commemorative coin last month to celebrate homosexual love as a core principle of Canadian society. “Marking 50 years since a landmark decision that began a process of legal reforms to recognize the rights of LGBTQ2 Canadians is a powerful way to recognize Canada’s profound belief in equality and inclusion,” said Marie Lemay, president and CEO of the Royal Canadian Mint.

Meanwhile, the far-left Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been revealed to be plotting different ways to bring ISIS terrorists to his nation and possibly be re-introduced in public life. “None of the options are ideal and all present different challenges and risks,” said the three-page secret paper, which was heavily redacted after its release through the Access to Information Act.

As globalism and liberalism takes a stronger hold in Canada, the government can be expected to become even more hostile to Christianity and more hospitable to subversive agendas.


Here is the letter I sent to Ottawa.
         Monika Schaefer

         P.O. Box 116
         Jasper, Alberta  T0E 1E0
2019 May 3
Canada Border Services Agency
171 Slater Street, 7th Floor
Ottawa, Ontario  K1A 0L8
RE: Seizure of personal books at Calgary YYC Airport on 2019/04/24
I was detained for three hours on the evening of April 24, while three border guards searched my possessions. They were allegedly looking for “hate propaganda”. Five books were taken from my possession. I consider this to be theft of personal property. The search and seizure was nothing short of personal harassment and an attempt at intimidation. I did not consent, and I do not consent. Consider the following:
• These books are available and/or for sale and are NOT banned.
• I did not write the books.
• My books were not in commercial quantities, and I was not selling them. I was carrying single books (one each) for my personal consumption.
• It is nobody’s business except mine what books I choose to read. Or do we now have thought laws?
• Is there a list of forbidden books in Canada? If so, are these books on this list? Where is this list? Why could the three border guards harassing me for three hours not find my books on any such “list”?
• By their actions in seizing these books, the border guards demonstrated an utter contempt for our most basic human right: the freedom to think.
The five books seized are the following:
⁃ Bungled: “Denying the Holocaust”  by Germar Rudolf
⁃ The Commission  by Richard Barrett
⁃ The Great Impersonation – The Mask of Edom  by Pastor Eli James
⁃ Mystery Babylon: New World Unveiled Vol 1  by Eli James & Clay Douglas
⁃ Government by Deception  by Jan Lamprecht
The 3 guards were 12452: Masi; 30482: Nigh; and 35394: Lahaie
I insist that you send me back my books immediately, at your expense. I also insist on receiving a copy of your entire report in this file.

Monika Schaefer