Harasser of White Nationalist Kevin Goudreau Turns Snowflake & Seeks Peace Bond Against His Victim

Harasser of White Nationalist Kevin Goudreau Turns Snowflake & Seeks Peace Bond Against His Victim
OTTAWA, June 25, 2019. Jews have a word for it — chutzpah — which is unmitigated gall.
Two weeks ago, longtime White nationalist Kevin Goudreau was served by Peterborough Police with a summons to appear in an Ottawa Court. It turned out that anti-free speech whirlwind Richard Warman was seeking a peace bond against Mr. Goudreau. It seems Mr. Warman feared for his life. He wanted Mr. Goudreau enjoined from communicating with Mr. Warman and other directors named and unnamed of the Canadian Anti-Hate Network of which Mr. Warman is a director. In addition, Mr. Goudreau is not to come within 200 yards of any event sponsored by the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, give up any weapons he might have, and not consume alcohol. Breach of this bond could land Mr. Goudreau in prison.
Now Mr. Goudreau has never communicated, either by e-mail post or phone call, with Richard Warman. In fact, until this morning, he had never even seen him.
The story gets more amazing. In an affidavit supporting his application for a peace bond, Warman revealed that he had been contacting two different police — Durham Region and Peterborough — four times since 2008 seeking to get Mr. Goudreau charged for his Internet writings. Four times the police investigated and found no cause for charges. A very miffed Richard Warman concluded: “:I have lost all faith in the police to lay criminal charges” against Mr. Goudreau. Mr. Goudreau knew nothing about these machinations behind his back.
So, for years, Mr. Warman has laboured mightily to have Mr. Goudreau charged and jailed. Now, he pretends to fear the fellow he has tormented behind his back.
In the glory days of Sec. 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act (Internet censorship), Warman filed nearly 30 complaints. He boasts, in his affidavit, ” I have successfully brought 16 human rights complaints against online hate … resulting in permanent cease and desist orders.” Also, many of the victims were fined and two — Terry Tremaine and Thomas Winnicki — ended up spending time in prison because of Mr. Warman’s actions. More recently in attacking anti-Cultural Marxist satirical publication YOUR WARD NEWS, Warman, who lives in Ottawa, contacted Child Protective Services in Toronto, according to testimony at a recent trial, to try to get editor Dr. Sears son taken away. [An investigation found that Dr. Sears and his wife were loving parents.]
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Anti-racist attack dogs tend to be drama queens. During some of the Warman-instigated Sec. 13 hearings, there were as many as five government paid security people to protect Mr. Warman and the commission lawyer. Another professional anti-racist, Warren Kinsella claimed back in 1994, when he was promoting his flawed book Web of Hate: Inside Canada’s Far Right Network, that he and his then wife checked into hotels under assumed names for fear of hitmen sent by Libyan leader Muammar Ghaddafi or “neo-Nazi”
 skinheads whom he’d smeared. That was supposed to inspire awe and sympathy. That was 25 years ago and a graying and paunchy Kinsella is still running his mouth and smearing dissent on sympathetic media.
Today was a rainy day in Ottawa. The Canadian Association for Free Expression had obtained legal advice for Mr. Goudreau. CAFE Director Paul Fromm accompanied Mr. Goudreau. Mr. Goudreau sought unsuccessfully to have the case moved to his home town of Peterborough. This was turned down. Although both sides were ready to go, the hearing was adjourned to August 12.